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1992 Year Cars, Trucks and Vans

Chrysler Le Baron V6 3.0 LX (GTC)Chrysler15
Chrysler Saratoga 3.0 Auto * 750 gross *Chrysler11
Chrysler Saratoga Auto LE 3.0Chrysler5
Chrysler Voyager 2.5 SEChrysler5
Chrysler Voyager 3.3 autoChrysler5
Chrysler Voyager 3.3 LE AutoChrysler2
Chrysler Voyager 3.3 LE with transport expansionChrysler3
Chrysler Voyager 3.3 V6 AWD BA4 LUXEChrysler9
Chrysler Voyager SE Power Steering 7.Sitzer 1.HandChrysler13
Citroen Citroen 2CV 6 WITH ONLY 7048 km's from new!Citroen15
Citroen AXCitroen5
Citroen AX D FirstCitroen3
Citroen AX Monpti TÜV / AU newCitroen3
Citroen AX TeenCitroen4
Citroen BX 16 Break TGI ClassicCitroen5
Citroen BX 16 TGI ClassicCitroen5
Citroen BX 19 GTI 16VCitroen3
Citroen BX Urgent Vend MillésimeCitroen2
Citroen XM Bardzo dobry stanCitroen8
Citroen XM V6 Pallas - Single piece for loversCitroen14
Citroen ZX 1.4 km Top condition org.45000 TÜV 10.2013Citroen6
Citroen ZX 1.6 AvantageCitroen5
Citroen ZX Aura 1.9 DCitroen12
Citroen ZX Aura 1.9 Turbo DCitroen4
Citroen ZX Aura ORIGINAL KMCitroen4
Citroen ZX Aura-well maintained-HU 04-2013 -Citroen9
Citroen ZX Avantage 1.4 iCitroen7
Citroen ZX ReflexCitroen5
Citroen ZX TÜV / AU newCitroen3
Citroen Citroën AX 1.1Citroen6
Citroen Citroën AX 1.4/4x4/1.Hd/Rarität/Org.14TkmCitroen12
Citroen XM Break Classic InjectionCitroen8
Citroen Citroën XM Break V6 Tecnic collector's item Tüv + KD New!Citroen5
Citroen XM Break V6 Tecnic leather / exchange possible!Citroen8
Citroen XM Turbo D12 Break ClassicCitroen5
Cobra 427 S / C REPCobra5
Cobra AC Pilgrim Sumo 3.5L V8 ConvertibleCobra15
Cobra AltriCobra15
Cobra COBRA 427 SC RAM in a classic timeless styleCobra5
Cobra Dow Tojeiro 5.7L LPGCobra15
Cobra PilgrinCobra13
Corvette C4Corvette5
Corvette C4 5.7L V8 TargaCorvette5
Corvette C4 6-speed switchCorvette5
Corvette C4 collectibleCorvette5
Corvette C4 first Hand 49000km!Corvette13
Corvette C4 LT1Corvette4
Corvette C4 TargaCorvette4
Corvette Callaway Twin Turbo 400 + Last EditionCorvette15
Corvette LT1 with Euro 4Corvette5
Corvette ZR 1 fixed priceCorvette7
Daihatsu APPLAUSE 1.6Daihatsu4
Daihatsu Applause Xi 16V! OFFER!Daihatsu5
Daihatsu Bertone * 4x4Farm.deDaihatsu15
Daihatsu Charade 1.3 16V AUTOMATIC, IglaDaihatsu10
Daihatsu Charade 1.3i GLX TOPDaihatsu5
Daihatsu Charade CSDaihatsu5
Daihatsu CuoreDaihatsu5
Daihatsu FerozaDaihatsu5
Daihatsu Feroza 4x4 Hardtop * TUV * 07/12 * 2 * EURO * APC SERVODaihatsu5
Daihatsu Feroza Hardtop Road Line EL IIDaihatsu7
Daihatsu RockyDaihatsu5
DeTomaso Pantera GT5SDeTomaso10
Dodge RAMDodge5
Dodge RAM 250Dodge6
Dodge StealthDodge5
Dodge Stealth 3.0 iDodge15
Ferrari 2.3Ferrari12
Ferrari 3.4 TFerrari14
Ferrari 348Ferrari5
Ferrari 348 TSFerrari15
Ferrari 348 TS Convertible F 119 ABFerrari14
Ferrari 348 TS German CarFerrari15
Ferrari 348 TS Zahnriehmen newFerrari5
Ferrari 512 PERFETTA-S UBITO ASIFerrari15
Ferrari 512 TR ** ** ** maintenance history without a single accidentFerrari15
Ferrari 512 TRFerrari9
Ferrari 644 - Formula 1 racing carFerrari9
Ferrari Cat 348 tbFerrari8
Ferrari F40 - contractors BayreuthFerrari15
Ferrari Mondial 3.2 ** 40,000 km * Top Condition * Accident Free **Ferrari9
Ferrari Mondial T 3.4 G Cat Top Prize German vehicleFerrari9
Fiat Bosmal 126 convertibleFiat5
Fiat Croma 2.0 i.e. First Owned almost like new :-))Fiat2
Fiat Fiorino 1.1 FurgoneFiat6
Fiat Fiorino 255.220.1Fiat5
Fiat Fiorino 255.240.1Fiat5
Fiat Panda 1000 FireFiat3
Fiat Panda 1000 i.e. cat 4x4 trekkingFiat6
Fiat Panda 25 km / hFiat9
Fiat panda 4x4 car in ottime condizioniFiat3
Fiat Panda 750Fiat5
Fiat Panda 750 CLX Fire scooter car 25 MPHFiat5
Fiat Panda 750 L (plus)Fiat5
Fiat Tempra 1.6 i.e. cat Station Wagon 60 000 kmFiat10
Fiat Tempra 1.6 ie 159Fiat5
Fiat Tempra 9.1 turbodiesel Eco SX 60 000 kmFiat4

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