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1980 Year Cars, Trucks and Vans

Alfa Romeo 2000 fastback / classic car registrationAlfa Romeo5
Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.6-UNICO-AS-proprietarioAlfa Romeo15
Alfa Romeo AlfettaAlfa Romeo5
Alfa Romeo Alfetta coupeAlfa Romeo15
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 2000 - Good condition 2.0LAlfa Romeo10
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2000 L (116.36 A)Alfa Romeo15
Alfa Romeo duetto spiderAlfa Romeo3
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1800Alfa Romeo9
Alpina B6Alpina5
Alpina B6 2.8 e21, 200 hp, 2 HD Restored .......Alpina5
Aston Martin V8 VolanteAston Martin14
Audi 100 100 zabytek, OryginalAudi11
Audi 100Audi3
Audi 100 CD 5EAudi15
Audi 80 GLS Odtimer / H license platesAudi3
Audi 80 Type 81Audi5
Austin Allegro 1300 Special + Battle VehicleAustin5
Austin Morris Mini Pickup \u0026 quot; Cooper Turbo \u0026 quot; - Unique!Austin10
Bentley CornicheBentley14
Bentley S1 1958Bentley5
Bentley T2 RHD \Bentley5
Borgward Isabella H 1500Borgward15
Bugatti Classic Car WittekBugatti5
Bugatti OtherBugatti5
Bugatti ReplicaBugatti5
Buick CenturyBuick5
Buick Century Limited 2 Door Coupe V8Buick14
Buick Century Limited V8 German vehicleBuick15
Buick ElectraBuick5
Buick Park AvenueBuick5
Buick SkylarkBuick5
Cadillac EldoradoCadillac5
Cadillac Fleetwood BroughamCadillac8
Cadillac SEDAN DevilleCadillac13
Cadillac SevilleCadillac5
Caterham Sylva Fury Fisher No.1Caterham5
Caterham TigerCaterham13
Chevrolet 1980 CHEVROLET PICK-UP SIDE SPORT 5.7 V8 4X4Chevrolet13
Chevrolet Berlinetta absolute eye-catcher!Chevrolet5
Chevrolet CamaroChevrolet5
Chevrolet Cayenne Blazer H-platesChevrolet5
Chevrolet Cheyenne Pickup C10 Stepside Sport SideChevrolet7
Chevrolet Corvette C3Chevrolet15
Chevrolet Corvette T-roofChevrolet12
Chevrolet El Camino 2 Tone Custom / Rally StripesChevrolet15
Chevrolet El Camino pickup, possible H-approvalChevrolet4
Chevrolet G 30 Tioga 5.7, LPG auto gas, H-platesChevrolet5
Chevrolet GMC Vandura / Chevy G25 VanChevrolet5
Chevrolet Impala / Monte CarloChevrolet15
Chevrolet Nova / Monte CarloChevrolet15
Chevrolet rare Caprice V8 Coupe `Landau '!Chevrolet8
Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 truck with approvalChevrolet15
Chevrolet Z28 model 79Chevrolet5
Citroen 2CV Dyane 6Citroen15
Citroen CXCitroen5
Citroen GSACitroen5
Citroen Lomax 224 RHDCitroen3
Citroen GSA PallasCitroen5
Cobra CN * with H-plates *Cobra15
Cobra CN CobraCobra15
Cobra Dax CN 427 \Cobra14
Cobra Dax Tojero 5.6 liter engine H-Marking of. LPGCobra8
Cobra Dax Tojero LHD V8 H-Marking of. LPGCobra5
Cobra Gardner Douglas V8 H-platesCobra7
Cobra Gardner Dougles MK III with H KENNZ TOP!Cobra10
Cobra No.139 Original CN 427 Made in GermanyCobra5
Cobra OtherCobra5
Cobra RAM COBRA V8 steered left H-tests and test results.Cobra13
Cobra Replica 427 RHDCobra10
Corvette 1980 350 V8 Aut. 100% Rust Free REDUCED 7950 -Corvette15
Corvette C & F price V8 German spoken known from TVCorvette15
Corvette C3Corvette15
Corvette C3! German approval! With TÜV! Accessories!Corvette15
Corvette C3 glass TargaCorvette15
Corvette C3 Incl TUV and H-approvalCorvette15
Corvette C3 L-82 T-tops, \Corvette15
Corvette C3 NL approvalCorvette15
Corvette C3 StingrayCorvette15
Corvette C3 TargaCorvette15
Corvette Stingray C3 H-platesCorvette10
DeTomaso PanteraDeTomaso8
Ferrari 308 GTBFerrari15
Ferrari 308 GTSFerrari13
Ferrari 400iFerrari14
Ferrari 400i Automatic RHDFerrari9
Ferrari 512 BBFerrari4
Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 collectors condition!Ferrari5
Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 Coupe 3.0L V8Ferrari15
Ferrari Dino Replica / Lancia engine / H-Marking ofFerrari4
Ferrari Mondial * 40tkm *Ferrari15
Ferrari PininFerrari12
Fiat 124 Spider-H CS0 mark Tüv NewFiat8
Fiat 124CS Sport Spider rebuild Abarth-Look/TechnikFiat15
Fiat 127 1050 German - Deutsch - PolskiFiat5
Fiat 127 A ARGENTO 1980Fiat6
Fiat H-124 Pininfarina approvalFiat5
Fiat Moretti 127 cabriolet hardtop marina conFiat3

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