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(Cabrio / roadster, Cabriolet / Roadster, Sports car/Coupe, Sports Car/Coupe)
Westfield / Lotus Super Seven SE Sport 2.0L199015
Westfield 1.6 SE original LHD original 26000km19925
Westfield 11 Eleven196815
Westfield 1600 Sports20105
Westfield 3.5 liter Rover rocket H-approval!!!!!197910
Westfield 3.5 liter Rover rocket H-approval!!!!201212
Westfield 3.5L V8 Rover rocket H-approval !!!!197912
Westfield Cosworth Turbo (Type 220 ZEI)19958
Westfield Donor Rover, Super Seven, V8, H-approval, 300PS19705
Westfield DUTTON - S2 - P314219845
Westfield Eleven Club Sport (exact copy of the Lotus 11)197115
Westfield Eleven (replica of a Lotus Eleven)19758
Westfield Eleven Sports Road u. H-approval, perfect!197515
Westfield FW 160020115
Westfield FW 300 ST1 Red Line20109
Westfield H-plate V8 RPI tuned engine19838
Westfield Historical Super-7 - Admission 1964196415
Westfield LHD, plant construction, super light 520kg20095
Westfield Lotus Super Seven 1.6L Convertible199115
Westfield Lotus Super seven19935
Westfield (Lotus) Super7199515
Westfield Megabusa LHD Super Seven Hayabusa LEFT-HAND DRIVE199112
Westfield Other19715
Westfield Other197915
Westfield Other19885
Westfield Other19894
Westfield Other19905
Westfield Other19914
Westfield Other19935
Westfield Other19955
Westfield Other19965
Westfield other19994
Westfield Other20035
Westfield Other20065
Westfield Other20126
Westfield Other20135
Westfield Other Eleven LHD196713
Westfield Other H-plates, V8, engine tuning, 4xWeber D19705
Westfield Other lotus dax19705
Westfield OTHER SE 2.0 Zetec Seven 155PK201115
Westfield Other WESTFIELD 1.8 SPORT200915
Westfield Payments 1 Yellow19949
Westfield Racing car20048
Westfield RHD 180020047
Westfield RHD 200020126
Westfield S-Eight \u0026 gt; V8 SUPER SEVEN - 243 hp \u0026 lt;199315
Westfield SE - RS 2000 - LHD199215
Westfield SE 1600cc Ford Kent engine H-approval!19715
Westfield SE 1700 crossflow (Kent)19905
Westfield SE198913
Westfield SE19905
Westfield SE19915
Westfield SE bj 2010 ZETEC 2.0 165pk LIKE NEW20105
Westfield SE-H approval!!19715
Westfield SE-H flag!19715
Westfield SE LHD injection19883
Westfield SE Sport 1.6L Lotus Super Seven199012
Westfield SE Sport 1.7L Lotus Super Seven199015
Westfield SE Super Seven19915
Westfield SE Super Seven LHD199514
Westfield SE Super Seven, Weber carburetor H-approval!19714
Westfield SEI198913
Westfield SEI19906
Westfield SEiW19925
Westfield SEiW 2L Duratec with Seven 210PS/520kg20065
Westfield SEIW EFI Green sticker201214
Westfield SeiW Wide Body Super Seven top199411
Westfield SEiW widebody convertible Super Seven 7 2.0199515
Westfield SEIW with environmental zone19965
Westfield Seven / 7 C20XE, 45mm Weber, single wheel, 198019805
Westfield Seven19874
Westfield seven19895
Westfield Seven199010
Westfield Sport 2000201112
Westfield Sport Turbo \20115
Westfield Sport Turbo20094
Westfield Sport Turbo20105
Westfield Sport Turbo20123
Westfield Sport Turbo FW30020115
Westfield Sport Turbo LHD with COC20125
Westfield Sport Turbo, New + Left steering with EU COC20125
Westfield Sport Turbo Special20115
Westfield Sports 1.6 135pk200815
Westfield Sports Turbo --- New vehicle -----201114
Westfield Super 719895
Westfield Super 7 RHD TOP CONDITION198911
Westfield Super 7 SE160019915
Westfield Super Seven - rebuilding state TOP199015
Westfield Super Seven 1.8 16v Kat, single wheel19915
Westfield Super Seven19965
Westfield Super Seven20128
Westfield Super Seven 7 Pre-litigation Sport 1.3198714
Westfield Super Seven 7 Pre-litigation Sport 1.6198810
Westfield Super Seven 7 SE19874
Westfield Super Seven Pre-Litigation Sports 1.6L198815
Westfield Super Seven Rover V8 H-approval19815
Westfield super seven SEIW Widebody19833
Westfield Super7 seven Caterham seven20065
Westfield Super7 Widebody C20XE \u0026 new MOT19935

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