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(Estate Car, Limousine)
Volvo V60 D3 Geartr. Momentum RTI Navi 17 \201111
Volvo V60 D3 Geartronic Momentum 163201313
Volvo V60 D3 Geartronic Momentum20129
Volvo V60 D3 heater / High Performance / Sitzheiz.201113
Volvo V60 D3 Momentum201014
Volvo V60 D3 Momentum20118
Volvo V60 D3 Momentum201215
Volvo V60 D3 Momentum automatic discount 9116Euro ACT200110
Volvo V60 D3 Momentum VCentrum201010
Volvo V60 D3 Momentum XENON ALUMINIUM NET BC 17 990, -201110
Volvo V60 D3 Momentum Xenon.Navi.Standheizung 120 k ..20108
Volvo V60 D3 Ocean Race/14 -5079Euro/Dt.Neufahrzeug%!201210
Volvo V60 D3 saloon Polska VAT invoice!20109
Volvo V60 D4 Geartronic Momentum20138
Volvo V60 D4 R-Design, comfort + winter package Pro MJ2012201215
Volvo V60 D4 R-Design Geartronic20128
Volvo V60 D5 AUTO SUMMUM20109
Volvo V60 D5 Automatic Momentum BiXenon Navi PDC aluminum20115
Volvo V60 D5 Automatic Momentum BiXenon Navi Sitzheizu20115
Volvo V60 D5 Automatic Momentum Navi Xenon Heated20115
Volvo V60 D5 Automatic momentum with DPF - 37% Ne20117
Volvo V60 D5 Automatic momentum with DPF - 38% lower than Ne20117
Volvo V60 D5 AWD Summum automatic driving assistance package201014
Volvo V60 D5 DPF Geartr. Summum driver assistance / Xenium201012
Volvo V60 D5 Geartronic Momentum201012
Volvo V60 D5 Geartronic Momentum201115
Volvo V60 D5 Geartronic R-DESIGN-Navi Standhz. Kyless201213
Volvo V60 D5 Geartronic Summum20108
Volvo V60 D5 Geartronic Summum, HEICO Sport Package Leather201213
Volvo V60 D5 Geartronic Summum Navi Xenon20119
Volvo V60 D5 Geartronic Summum XENIUM PACKAGE + + NAVI XENON201215
Volvo V60 D5 Momentum201013
Volvo V60 D5 Momentum20115
Volvo V60 D5 Momentum UPE 41 650, -20119
Volvo V60 D5 Ocean Race/14% / Dt.Neufahrzeug!201210
Volvo V60 D5 RDesign20125
Volvo V60 D5 Summum - reduced price -20105
Volvo V60 D5 Summum * Xenium, Design Package *20109
Volvo V60 D5 Summum * Xenium package + sunroof *201015
Volvo V60 D5 Summum * Xeniumpaket * Automatic *201010
Volvo V60 D5 SUMMUM 2.4 - leather, air, sunroof, navigation system201014
Volvo V60 D5 Summum201010
Volvo V60 D5 Summum Air Navi Xenon leather electric seats201215
Volvo V60 D5 Summum Auto Navi SD Driving Assistance201014
Volvo V60 D5 Summum Auto with DPF - 46% below Neup20107
Volvo V60 D5 Summum MJ2012, 6-speed, 158kw20084
Volvo V60 D5 Summum Vollausstattung20106
Volvo V60 DRIVe20118
Volvo V60 DRIVe diesel offerta via e AZIENDE Agenti20112
Volvo V60 DRIVe MJ2012 base, 6-speed, 84kW20115
Volvo V60 DRIVe Momentum20118
Volvo V60 DRIVe Momentum UPE 35 380, - €201115
Volvo V60 DRIVe Ocean Race20108
Volvo V60 DRIVE Standheiz. / Sitzheiz. / Immediately available200812
Volvo V60 MJ2012 T3 base, 6-speed, 110kW20115
Volvo V60 MJ2012 T3 base, power shift, 110 kW20115
Volvo V60 MJ2012 T4F base, 6-speed, 132kW20115
Volvo V60 Momentum, Navi, Xenon201110
Volvo V60 Ocean Race D3 Navigation Xenon ACTION!201215
Volvo V60 R-Design DRIVe MJ2012, 6-speed, 84kW20115
Volvo V60 Summum - xenon, leather, air, sunroof201013
Volvo V60 Summum D320108
Volvo V60 Summum full navigation equipment POLESTAR201013
Volvo V60 T3 Gothenburg Start / Stop City Safety20117
Volvo V60 T3 Momentum20113
Volvo V60 T3! SEAT HEATER + RAIN SENSOR!201111
Volvo V60 T4 Momentum201110
Volvo V60 T4 momentum, RTI, automatic transmission, roof rails, parking aid201111
Volvo V60 T5 MJ2012 base, 6-speed, 176kW20115
Volvo V60 V 60 D3 Momentum20143
Volvo V70 1.6 D DRIVe Momentum201115
Volvo V70 1.6D DRIVe Kinetic 110cv20103
Volvo V70 1.6D DRIVe Kinetic Klimaaut / APC / LEATHER / SITZH201014
Volvo V70 1.6D DRIVe Momentum20109
Volvo V70 1.6D DRIVe R-DESIGN RTI NAVI201110
Volvo V70 1.6D, Mom.DRIVE Standh.AHK Xenon, PDC,20108
Volvo V7019985
Volvo V70199912
Volvo V70 2.019975
Volvo V70 2.0-based RTI + Xenon201012
Volvo V70 2.0 D3 Ocean Race Geartronic Eco Drive201211
Volvo V70 2.0 Flexi Fuel \200915
Volvo V70 2.0 Flexi Fuel201012
Volvo V70 2.0 Flexi Fuel (DRIVe) Momentum201012
Volvo V70 2.0 Flexi Fuel Kinetic20106
Volvo V70 2.0 Flexi Fuel Momentum Automatic20107
Volvo V70 2.0 Flexi Fuel Momentum net 16 378, - EURO201010
Volvo V70 2.0 Flexi Fuel Momentum Xenon phone20107
Volvo V70 2.0 Geartronic D3 Momentum201114
Volvo V70 2.0 Geartronic, Kinetic MJ10 *, * Flexifuel20098
Volvo V70 2.0 Kinetic200810
Volvo V70 2.0 Kinetic201012
Volvo V70 2.0 Kinetic Xenon, GPS, Bluetooth GPS Xeno200915
Volvo V70 2.0 Leather / Klimaaut / Sitzhzg / cruise control200911
Volvo V70 2.0 Metropolitan199910
Volvo V70 2.0 Momentum Leather Navi Xenon automatic climate control20108
Volvo V70 2.0 Navi-DVD/Leder/PDC/Sitzhzg20088

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