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(Cabriolet / Roadster, Cabrio / roadster, Sports car/Coupe, Sports Car/Coupe, Other, Limousine)
Triumph TR 3 Bonneville America20059
Triumph TR 6 PI LHD Injection196914
Triumph TR2 - Long Door195415
Triumph TR219545
Triumph TR219555
Triumph TR250196713
Triumph TR3 - roadworthy -196113
Triumph TR319545
Triumph TR3195614
Triumph TR3195714
Triumph TR3195812
Triumph TR3195915
Triumph TR319605
Triumph TR3196113
Triumph TR3196214
Triumph TR3196315
Triumph TR3 2.019617
Triumph TR3201215
Triumph TR3 A195912
Triumph TR3 A19618
Triumph TR3 A20127
Triumph TR3 B196215
Triumph TR3 complete. excellent / like new19565
Triumph TR3 roadster Bocca Stretta \195515
Triumph TR3 Small Mouth195615
Triumph TR3 smallmouth195712
Triumph TR3B Matching Numbers19635
Triumph TR419614
Triumph TR419625
Triumph TR4196310
Triumph TR419648
Triumph TR4 1964 Project19647
Triumph TR419655
Triumph TR419668
Triumph TR419679
Triumph TR419685
Triumph TR4 2.2196212
Triumph TR4201215
Triumph TR4 A IRS19679
Triumph TR4 A IRS Overdrive201215
Triumph TR4 A IRS restored19676
Triumph TR4 A JRS19687
Triumph TR4 IRS196512
Triumph TR4A196815
Triumph TR4A 2.1 Convertible19676
Triumph TR4A 302er Coupé V8 engine19685
Triumph TR4A europaissches aussfuhrung for restoration19657
Triumph TR4A IRS197211
Triumph TR519685
Triumph TR5 250196811
Triumph TR6 - Historic Race optics197015
Triumph TR619684
Triumph TR619695
Triumph TR6197010
Triumph TR619715
Triumph TR619725
Triumph TR619735
Triumph TR619743
Triumph TR6197515
Triumph TR6197612
Triumph TR619775
Triumph TR6 2.5 Cabriolet197212
Triumph TR6 2.5 Twin Carburator197514
Triumph TR620128
Triumph TR6 carburettor197410
Triumph TR6 Elvis Presley last purchase! Graceland197715
Triumph TR6 Overdrive196915
Triumph TR6 PI (CP)19705
Triumph TR6 PI RHD H-approval19758
Triumph TR6 top vintage / reports prev201215
Triumph TR719765
Triumph TR719775
Triumph TR719785
Triumph TR719795
Triumph TR719805
Triumph TR719814
Triumph TR719829
Triumph TR719855
Triumph TR720128
Triumph TR7 classic car Coupe201215
Triumph TR7 classic H-plate new MOT excellent condition19825
Triumph TR7 contessa Augusta Vacca19924
Triumph TR7 Convertible19798
Triumph TR7 convertible19808
Triumph TR7 SPIDER-ASI KM 37.000198215
Triumph TR819805
Triumph TR819815
Triumph TR819825
Triumph TR8 convertible baby blue19804
Triumph TR8 Convertible orig.Zustand inkl.Lack198015
Triumph TR8 original vehicle with air and Servol.201213
Triumph triumph tr5 pi etat concours19685
Triumph Triumph TR6 H-plates / tax.196815
Triumph Trophy 900199712
Triumph VERONA19969
Triumph Vitesse19685
Triumph Vitesse19695
Triumph Vitesse 2l Mk II19715

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