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(Cabrio / roadster, Cabriolet / Roadster, Other, Sports car/Coupe, Sports Car/Coupe, Limousine, Saloon)
Triumph Original paint! Collectors condition! Rust accident free!197715
Triumph Original TR8 Convertible 3.5 - V8 - H-plates201215
Triumph Other19484
Triumph Other194915
Triumph Other19545
Triumph Other19635
Triumph Other19653
Triumph Other19665
Triumph Other19675
Triumph Other19685
Triumph Other19695
Triumph Other19704
Triumph Other19715
Triumph Other19725
Triumph Other19742
Triumph Other19765
Triumph Other19785
Triumph Other19815
Triumph Other20128
Triumph Other Herald 1200 Convertible 38-KW19658
Triumph overdrive bremsbekraftiger memory rader19778
Triumph overdrive very good condition19747
Triumph PI Overdrive19734
Triumph plaisir de conduire19592
Triumph Red Wine 1500 TC restored overdrive19807
Triumph Renown 2.119499
Triumph Restored Roadster British Racing Green19718
Triumph Restored Spitfire H-plates19739
Triumph Restored Spitfire MK3 original leather197013
Triumph Roadster19483
Triumph SPEED TRIPLE (leather)20028
Triumph Spitfire * Vettura conservata * HARD TOP19645
Triumph Spitfire 1.3196710
Triumph Spitfire 1.319709
Triumph Spitfire 1.5 TC198115
Triumph Spitfire 150019815
Triumph Spitfire 1500 Convertible201214
Triumph Spitfire 1500 (H-plates)20128
Triumph Spitfire 1500 hard top OD19788
Triumph Spitfire 1500 LEATHER19779
Triumph Spitfire19634
Triumph Spitfire19645
Triumph Spitfire19655
Triumph Spitfire19664
Triumph Spitfire19678
Triumph Spitfire19685
Triumph Spitfire19698
Triumph Spitfire19705
Triumph Spitfire19712
Triumph Spitfire19725
Triumph Spitfire19735
Triumph Spitfire19744
Triumph Spitfire19756
Triumph Spitfire19769
Triumph Spitfire19775
Triumph Spitfire19785
Triumph Spitfire19795
Triumph Spitfire19804
Triumph Spitfire19815
Triumph Spitfire19827
Triumph Spitfire20128
Triumph Spitfire 4 MK119649
Triumph Spitfire IV convertible, rok 197419745
Triumph Spitfire Mark I 4, wire wheels, overdrive19645
Triumph Spitfire Mark III19675
Triumph Spitfire MK 319675
Triumph Spitfire MK II19665
Triumph Spitfire Mk III196815
Triumph Spitfire MK III19693
Triumph Spitfire MK IV - Classic Car - H-plates19775
Triumph Spitfire MK IV19715
Triumph Spitfire MK IV20128
Triumph Spitfire MK1 GT6 MK319673
Triumph Spitfire MK219655
Triumph Spitfire MK2 4-ASI196415
Triumph Spitfire MK2 MK 2 classic cars19635
Triumph Spitfire with sports exhaust197515
Triumph Sports Carr.Ducati Omologata ASI196415
Triumph Stag \19716
Triumph Stag19766
Triumph Stag II switch with OD, hardtop , condition: 1 -201215
Triumph Stag (LHD with original engine)19755
Triumph Stag Mark II (Federal US Type)19735
Triumph STAG MKII19745
Triumph Stag RHD19729
Triumph STAG RHD197715
Triumph Stag RHD, 4 threads + OD, hard and soft top19765
Triumph STAG V8 ... interesting specimen! H-approval!197215
Triumph Stag V819735
Triumph Stag V819755
Triumph Stag V819775
Triumph Stay19705
Triumph Stay19735
Triumph Stay19764
Triumph Swallow Doretti19557
Triumph T 309 RT19985
Triumph T 309 RT20015
Triumph Thunderbird Storm ABS * Sales order *201210
Triumph TR 25019689
Triumph TR 250 H-plates196914

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