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(Van / Minibus, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Estate Car, Other)
Toyota Hi Ace, petrol19849
Toyota Hi-Ace with PETROL window.19885
Toyota Hi-lux, 2.5 D-4D 4WD CABIN DUBBEL20058
Toyota Hi-Lux 2.5 D4-D 100 EC 4WD - bj 2005 -20057
Toyota Hi-Lux 3.0 D-4d 4wd Automaat SX200915
Toyota Hi-Lux 4WD 2.4d 285/2515 pickup20005
Toyota HIACE19845
Toyota HiAce19863
Toyota HiAce198711
Toyota Hiace19887
Toyota Hiace19898
Toyota Hiace19917
Toyota Hiace19928
Toyota HiAce19935
Toyota HiAce19954
Toyota HiAce19964
Toyota HiAce19974
Toyota HiAce 2.0 D 9 - seats TÜV / AU: 01/201420019
Toyota HiAce 2.4 diesel19956
Toyota HiAce-2 ,4-long199811
Toyota HiAce 2.4 Turbo19977
Toyota Hiace 2.4D first box Hand19993
Toyota Hiace 2.5 D * box - 2X's airbag - Power - APC *19987
Toyota Hiace 2.5 D-4D 2Airbag Tüv 6-13 German truck200310
Toyota Hiace 2.5 D-4D ABS SERVO 8 seats200615
Toyota Hiace 2.5 D-4D box201115
Toyota Hiace 2.5 D-4D GL200514
Toyota HiAce 2.5 D-4D Long20017
Toyota Hiace 2.5 D-4D LR 8-SEATS AIR NAVIGATION200915
Toyota Hiace 2.5 D-4D/8-Sitzer/KLIMA/TOP-Zustand!200915
Toyota Hiace 2.5 diesel!! Long chassis!!201211
Toyota Hiace 2.5 diesel truck 2Airbag Tüv 1-13 Englis20019
Toyota HiAce 2.5D19896
Toyota HiAce 2.5D20078
Toyota Hiace200611
Toyota Hiace20114
Toyota HiAce 2,4 D19983
Toyota HiAce 2,5 Diesel19965
Toyota Hiace 3.0 TURBO DIESEL AUTOMATIC 8-osob200310
Toyota Hiace 4x4 TURBO MEILAME ELLINIKA199715
Toyota Hiace 9 seater top condition200012
Toyota HIACE 9 SEATS199913
Toyota Hiace Box 2.5 * 1.Hand/Kasten/TOP maintained20088
Toyota HIACE BOX D4D20074
Toyota Hiace Combi 2.5 D-4D DPF AIR NAVI 8-SEATER200915
Toyota HiAce D -2.419967
Toyota HiAce D * box * power19989
Toyota HiAce D19955
Toyota HiAce D19964
Toyota HiAce D19974
Toyota HiAce D19985
Toyota HiAce D19997
Toyota HiAce D200013
Toyota HiAce D20016
Toyota HiAce D-4D ~ air conditioning ~ ~ 9Sitzer20039
Toyota HiAce D-4D 2.hand, 6 seater200315
Toyota HiAce D-4D20025
Toyota HiAce D-4D20046
Toyota HiAce D-4D20067
Toyota HiAce D-4D200713
Toyota HiAce D-4D20105
Toyota HiAce D-4D201112
Toyota HiAce D-4D 4x4 GL20095
Toyota Hiace D-4D box long comfort package20116
Toyota HiAce D-4D Long + Glass20034
Toyota HiAce D-4D Long200712
Toyota Hiace D-4D Long Box20114
Toyota HiAce D4D * MAXI * GREEN * PLAQUE NETTO/EXPORT-8999200715
Toyota Hiace D4D 2Airbag German box car200510
Toyota Hiace GASOLINE198910
Toyota HiAce GL \200213
Toyota HiAce GL D-4D 96 000 KM double-air 8-seater200711
Toyota Hiace H1219894
Toyota HiAce H12 Lang Lang19893
Toyota HIACE H15 box Mod.9119905
Toyota Hiace H15 Long Box New Model19907
Toyota HIACE H15 MOD.9119906
Toyota Hiace H20 mod.95 Fensterbus long luxury19945
Toyota Hiace HiAce19894
Toyota Hiace HiAce19903
Toyota Hiace Hiace19995
Toyota Hiace HiD-4D200315
Toyota HiAce HiD-4D 8-SEATER VAT. Reclaimable200713
Toyota HiAce LONG19905
Toyota Hiace LONG 2xSchiebetür199511
Toyota HIACE LONG BOX D4D200710
Toyota HiAce long climate TipTop 9 seats19987
Toyota HiAce lxh 1219964
Toyota HiAce LXH 12 TURBO19954
Toyota HiAce LXH19974
Toyota HIACE MINIBUS 2.5 D4D Standard 15 seats20114
Toyota Hiace pickup19844
Toyota HiAce TD19975
Toyota HiAce TD19986
Toyota HiAce TD19994
Toyota HiAce TD200011
Toyota HiAce TD20016

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