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(Small Car, Sports car/Coupe, Limousine, Saloon, Sports Car/Coupe, Estate Car, Other, Van / Minibus, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck)
Seat Ibiza SC 1.2 Reference AIR ESP AUX CD20108
Seat Ibiza SC 1.2 TDI 10tkm201010
Seat Ibiza SC 1.2 TDI DPF Style + air + cruise + CD/MP3201015
Seat Ibiza SC 1.2 TDI style climate control parking aid201011
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 16V Sport20085
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 16V Style Viva201315
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 Sport - Winter aluminum package20108
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 Sport20105
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 Style - Climate, Navi, Power,20105
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 Style - WP20104
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 Style SEAT HEATER - Climate, Navi, seat20104
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 TDI PD Stylance200913
Seat Ibiza SC 1.6 TDI + Nebelscheinw. + Air + ESP + Alu20127
Seat Ibiza SC 2.1 Sport COUP201011
Seat Ibiza SC FR 1.6 TDI105201213
Seat Ibiza SC Limited Sport 1.6 16V20105
Seat Ibiza SC Sport 1.4 L AIR ALU20108
Seat Ibiza SC Sport TDI201010
Seat Ibiza SC, Viva Style, navigation, climate control, seat201315
Seat Ibiza SE 1.419986
Seat Ibiza Special LX199213
Seat Ibiza Special ORGINAL 27 199 KM TOP19908
Seat Ibiza Sport-Coupe 1.2 TDI CR DPF style PS 75 / e201010
Seat Ibiza ST 1.2 TSI air aluminum 15 'Navi20149
Seat Ibiza ST 1.2 TSI Eco Style / aluminum / Tempom. / PDC201215
Seat Ibiza ST 1.4 16 Vstyle (combined)20107
Seat Ibiza ST 1.4 16V Reference - WP201311
Seat Ibiza ST 1.4 AIR201013
Seat Ibiza ST 1.4 MPI 85 KM combined demo20109
Seat Ibiza ST 1.4 Reference Salsa - Alarm seat heating201313
Seat Ibiza ST 1.4 Style201015
Seat Ibiza ST 1.6 TDI Combi climate control ALU EU520108
Seat Ibiza ST 1.6 TDI CR / AIR CONDITIONING20102
Seat Ibiza ST 1.6 TDI CR / CLIMATE CONTROL20102
Seat Ibiza ST 1.6 TDI CR DPF Style20128
Seat Ibiza ST 1.6 TDI DPF201012
Seat Ibiza ST-Combi 1.2 TDI CR DPF style PS 75 / ESP201010
Seat Ibiza ST Combi 1.2 TDI Reference20104
Seat Ibiza ST Combi 1.4 16V Style20107
Seat Ibiza ST Combi 1.4 Reference201012
Seat Ibiza ST Combi 1.4 Reference AIR / CRUISE CONTROL201012
Seat Ibiza ST Ecomotive 1.2TSI Style / PDC / aluminum / Cruise Control201215
Seat Ibiza Stella20017
Seat Ibiza Stylance 1.2 TDI + CLIMATRONIC / ALU / PDC201012
Seat Ibiza Stylance 1.2 TDI DPF + / CLIMATRONIC / PDC201012
Seat Ibiza Style 1.2 (Klima)20107
Seat Ibiza Style 1.2 TDI (Air PDC)201010
Seat Ibiza Style 1.2 TDI Climatronic Cruise201014
Seat Ibiza Style 1.2 TDI CR Klimaatomatik20108
Seat Ibiza Style 1.4201011
Seat Ibiza Style 1.4 Super Luxury20105
Seat Ibiza SXI19935
Seat IbizaStyle climate control20108
Seat Inca 1.4 Caddy TÜV 12.2012 AU20004
Seat Inca 1.4 L K W19965
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI * Power * 135 000 *19964
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI19962
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI Model S199612
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI Professional19985
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI Professional20008
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI Professional Truck20007
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI Profi.KASTEN. LKW.2 X AIRBAG + SERVO.199611
Seat Inca 1.4 MPI truck registration19965
Seat Inca 1.6i20005
Seat Inca 1.9 DIESEL R-VAT-ZAMIANA19997
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI199813
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI20006
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI20016
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI cat 3p.19965
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI cat 3p.20045
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI Estate19983
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI Estate19996
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI Estate200211
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI Estate20039
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI Krajowy20033
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI pro! 1 hand! € 3kat! Truck!200310
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI professional 1.Hand20029
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI professional19962
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI professional19974
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI professional20007
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI professional20024
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI professional20034
Seat Inca 1.9 SDI running on vegetable oil bio-Car200312
Seat Inca19973
Seat Inca20013
Seat Inca Combi 1.4 MPI19984
Seat Inca Combi 1.4 MPI19995
Seat Inca Combi 1.4 MPI20026
Seat Inca Combi 1.6i19985
Seat Inca Combi 1.6i19995
Seat Inca Kombi 1.4 16V! 2mon warranty20038
Seat Inca Pelen VAT, 6 m-cy GWARANCJI200215
Seat Inca Pro 1.4 MPI - gas drive!19998
Seat Inca Pro 1.4 MPI with cold storage TOP CONDITION199913
Seat Inca Pro 1.4 refrigerated trucks19983
Seat Inca Pro 1.9D19963
Seat Inca Pro20019

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