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(Estate Car, Limousine, Van / Minibus, Small Car, Saloon, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Sports car/Coupe)
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD CD, CLIMATE CONTROL / AHK19979
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD Edition 10019994
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD Edition 200020006
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD Elegance20005
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD Elegance20015
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD mitTüv facelift, Dependable20005
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD Sport200011
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 TD Voyage19994
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 V619953
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 V619999
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 V6 CD19945
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 V6 CD19985
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 V6 Elegance Facelift20005
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5 V6 Sport200012
Opel Omega Caravan 2.5V6 executive, technical approval new Schnäppche200010
Opel Omega Caravan 2.6 * I.Hand * Navi * Leather * Xenon *200315
Opel Omega Caravan 2.6 V6200113
Opel Omega Caravan 2.6 V6 Executive20023
Opel Omega Caravan 2.6 V6 Sport200114
Opel Omega Caravan 3.0 Sport19995
Opel Omega Caravan 3.0 V6 Executive19995
Opel Omega Caravan 3.0 V6 Executive20005
Opel Omega Caravan 3.0 V6 Facelift19995
Opel Omega Caravan 3.2 V6 Executive200314
Opel Omega Caravan MV619949
Opel Omega Caravan2.0CD KLIMAAUTOMATIK ° ° ° AHK TÜV10/201319968
Opel Omega CD / Service book / 2.Hand19937
Opel Omega CD19884
Opel Omega CD19916
Opel Omega Design Edition 3.020017
Opel Omega Design Edition Automatic Xenon Leather Navi200115
Opel Omega Diamond CD19885
Opel Omega Diamond CD19937
Opel Omega MV619945
Opel Omega MV619955
Opel Omega MV619985
Opel Omega sprzedaz zamiana19945
Opel Omega STAN BDB19989
Opel One hand, checkbook, D3, green badge19988
Opel Onmega 2.6 * Navi * BOSE * Heating * leather * Glasd *20019
Opel OPC Astra 1.9 CDTI +1. HAND + + DPF/EURO-4 FULL, FULL +200615
Opel OPC Astra 2.0 Sport20005
Opel OPC LIN20086
Opel Opel Corsa 1.4 150 years20128
Opel Opel Corsa 1.4 16V 150 years20125
Opel Opel Corsa 1.4 16V 150 years201315
Opel Opel Corsa 150 years20126
Opel opel vectra19977
Opel OPEL VECTRA B 1.6 Limouzine MODEL 96, ER ...19957
Opel Org.39000 Omega 2.2 km Top condition199915
Opel OTHER 1.6200813
Opel OTHER 1.7 CDTI 125cv Enjoy200710
Opel OTHER 1600 SW CLIMA199913
Opel OTHER200814
Opel Other Insignia Sport Tourer 2.0 CDTI 2009 COSMO 120115
Opel Other record P219605
Opel P2 Olympia Caravan! € 12,500 FIXED PRICE!196215
Opel Park Pilot Meriva B 1.4 Innovation glass roof SHZ201215
Opel petrol20045
Opel Pick Up Truck Campo approval19925
Opel Pickup19977
Opel Record 101 HP + E + 1 BERLINA HAND ONLY 92 + TKM!197814
Opel Record19535
Opel Record19625
Opel Record19702
Opel Record19795
Opel Record A 1700 Coupe luxury19655
Opel Record C 1700S Coupe196715
Opel Record D 2 liter Sedan H-approval19766
Opel Record E 20 C / 100198115
Opel Record Record e GL19855
Opel Rekord C Sprint Coupe196815
Opel S exclusive record19878
Opel S LS record LOVER PIECE WITH ORIG. 72 TKM198615
Opel SAT 3T CORSA 4.1 EF 64 5G SS201110
Opel Satellite 3 Trg. Alloy wheels, Climate201114
Opel Satellite Astra 5d20119
Opel Satellite Corsa 4.1 AIR LM rims201112
Opel Satellite corsa 5 door 87 hp air, aluminum201115
Opel Satellite CORSA AT Winter Park Pilot Package 1.4 - K20128
Opel Satellite ecoFLEX Corsa 1.2 5 door. Easytronik20115
Opel Satellite ecoFLEX Corsa 1.2 AIR ecoFLEX 51 kW201111
Opel Satellite ecoFLEX Corsa 1.2 u summer winter wheels201115
Opel Satellite facelift Corsa 1.2 Warranty to 03/13201113
Opel Satellite facelift Corsa 1.4 + + automatic door +7 +5201212
Opel Sedan S-Berlin-4 doors, \197910
Opel Selection Corsa 1.2 16V 110 years20095
Opel SELECTION Corsa D 1.4 from camp.20118
Opel Selection Insignia ST 1.6 Klima-park-18 pilot Zol200915
Opel Selection orig.105 Tkm, Best maintained 1.Hd, air20025
Opel Selection Zafira, 1.6 ecoFLEX, air / radio20119
Opel Selection Zafira 1.7 CDTI 110 years200915
Opel Sell ​​Astra G20004
Opel Sell ​​old but reliable Cor ...19922
Opel Senator - A119795
Opel Senator A 150HP19798
Opel Senator A2 5-SPEED / LOCK / G-CAT198314
Opel Senator B19914

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