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(Saloon, Limousine, Sports car/Coupe, Estate Car, Other, Sports Car/Coupe, Cabriolet / Roadster, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Small Car, Cabrio / roadster, Van / Minibus)
Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency 5,6lD * * Org.46TKM Org.ZUSTAND198115
Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency Brougham19865
Oldsmobile Ninetyeight / 98 ... STATE MUSEUM19645
Oldsmobile oldscoupe coupe193910
Oldsmobile Omega19814
Oldsmobile Omega 3.7 * H * Approval197813
Oldsmobile Omega Brougham Sedan19813
Oldsmobile Opel Blitz, LF-8 TS19645
Oldsmobile Opel Rekord Olympia sedan19595
Oldsmobile Other19035
Oldsmobile Other19275
Oldsmobile Other19405
Oldsmobile Other19435
Oldsmobile Other19485
Oldsmobile Other194910
Oldsmobile OTHER19545
Oldsmobile Other19555
Oldsmobile Other195615
Oldsmobile Other19624
Oldsmobile Other19645
Oldsmobile Other19665
Oldsmobile Other19685
Oldsmobile Other19705
Oldsmobile Other19715
Oldsmobile Other19765
Oldsmobile Other19783
Oldsmobile Other19895
Oldsmobile Other19975
Oldsmobile Other20005
Oldsmobile Other 98 Ninety Eight 4 Door Sedan201215
Oldsmobile Pilgrim Bulldog Mk III19735
Oldsmobile Regancy19755
Oldsmobile REGENCY19834
Oldsmobile Regency 98 with H-and TÜV approval19775
Oldsmobile Rocket 8819555
Oldsmobile Rocket 88195612
Oldsmobile Rocket 89 Hot Rod Rat Rod19535
Oldsmobile Royale Convertible197515
Oldsmobile S19705
Oldsmobile Silhouette19915
Oldsmobile Silhouette199314
Oldsmobile Silhouette19944
Oldsmobile Silhouette19975
Oldsmobile Silhouette20009
Oldsmobile Six Touring F3719377
Oldsmobile Starfire Council look, TOP Technology and Interior196312
Oldsmobile Starfire Coupe 42519659
Oldsmobile Starfire Holiday Coupe19625
Oldsmobile Starfire V8 394CUI H-plates19635
Oldsmobile Super 8819524
Oldsmobile Super 88195615
Oldsmobile Super 8819578
Oldsmobile Super 8819585
Oldsmobile Super 88 Coupe195515
Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Hardtop 2D196215
Oldsmobile Super 88 Rocket V8, H-Perm19525
Oldsmobile Supreme19765
Oldsmobile Supreme199114
Oldsmobile Supreme Brougham19785
Oldsmobile Supreme Holiday coupe19675
Oldsmobile tornado198815
Oldsmobile Toronado 04.0719736
Oldsmobile Toronado19665
Oldsmobile Toronado196715
Oldsmobile Toronado19686
Oldsmobile Toronado19705
Oldsmobile Toronado19724
Oldsmobile Toronado19785
Oldsmobile Toronado19795
Oldsmobile Toronado19815
Oldsmobile Toronado19885
Oldsmobile Toronado20124
Oldsmobile Toronado 2dr hardtop197715
Oldsmobile Toronado 3.8199815
Oldsmobile Toronado 425 CUI TÜV and H-approval196613
Oldsmobile Toronado 5.7 V8 gasoline19804
Oldsmobile Toronado Brougham 2D ​​Hardtop Coupe197715
Oldsmobile Toronado Brougham Hardtop Coupe 2D201215
Oldsmobile Toronado Caliente198515
Oldsmobile Toronado coupe 455cui, including TÜV and H-Perm.196915
Oldsmobile Toronado GT 400HP19705
Oldsmobile Toronado only 17,300 KM! New car condition197315
Oldsmobile Toronado Toronado FWD 1965 7.4V8196513
Oldsmobile Toronado TUV / HU new19665
Oldsmobile Toronado V8 LPG196615
Oldsmobile Toronado with H-approval, suitable for everyday use19695
Oldsmobile V8 Cutlass convertible, NL origineel car!196612

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