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(Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Limousine, Other, Van / Minibus, Sports car/Coupe, Estate Car, Saloon, Small Car)
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4x4200610
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Diesel20048
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Edition Sport-Scheck Mod.2005200411
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLS Target20045
Mitsubishi Pajero TD * AUTOMATIC * AIR * 7 SEATS * HU4/2013 * NAVI * STDH19989
Mitsubishi Pajero TD Classic20037
Mitsubishi Pajero TERCOOLER IN TURBO19904
Mitsubishi Pajero V6 American Dream19975
Mitsubishi Pajero3.2 Instyle DI-D automatic € 5 with NAVI20129
Mitsubishi Pajero3000, 4x419897
Mitsubishi Pick Up 4 x 4199615
Mitsubishi PICK UP 4 X 4 Magnum with TÜV 1.Hand199512
Mitsubishi PICK UP 4X4 Fuoristrada 4 PORTE - 5 + POSTI200020
Mitsubishi PICK UP 4X4 L20020004
Mitsubishi Pick Up Double Cab 4x419942
Mitsubishi Pinin 2.0 GDI Comfort II only 56TKM/1Hd/u-frei200210
Mitsubishi Pinin Pajero Pinin 1.8 4X420029
Mitsubishi Pinniblu20034
Mitsubishi Plug-in hybrid Outlander Top electrically save201415
Mitsubishi Pozostałe ASX INTENSE201011
Mitsubishi Pozostałe FTO20004
Mitsubishi Premium Plus Grandis DI-D200814
Mitsubishi Psalm 99 MAGNUM 4x4 truck Zull. 1st hand Tüv Au + New200114
Mitsubishi Qashqai 4x4201115
Mitsubishi Raider 3.7 V6!20078
Mitsubishi Rentnerfahrz. ESP, ASR, air-19998
Mitsubishi RIGHT HAND RIGHT HAND L20020044
Mitsubishi SALON L200 PL, Skora, SERWIS, KLIMAVAT 23%,200911
Mitsubishi SALON Outlander, SERWIS, VAT23, BEZWYPADEK201014
Mitsubishi salon polska20038
Mitsubishi SALON POLSKA 2008 MODEL L200200811
Mitsubishi Santamo 2.0 Climate, 7 seater new tires and coupling19999
Mitsubishi Sapporo19795
Mitsubishi Sapporo19805
Mitsubishi Sapporo 2.3 Aut.19895
Mitsubishi Sapporo 240019883
Mitsubishi SB Lancer 1.8 Invite201210
Mitsubishi SB Lancer 6.1 Xtra Xenon, parking sensors, ..201215
Mitsubishi SHOGUN 3.2 DI-D 2007200715
Mitsubishi Sigma19999
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V - 103000 km - Tüv 01/201319934
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V / LPG gas system! Checkbook!19927
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V19915
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V19938
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V19948
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V19955
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V, ABS, power, LF, electric UAS. Aut.199215
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 12V SUPER CONDITION19935
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 24V Automatic19925
Mitsubishi Sigma 3000 V6 24V top condition.199514
Mitsubishi Sigma, automatic, Klimaautom.HU 8/14, good condition19917
Mitsubishi Sigma V6 Combi 94 / automatic + air + ABS + SSD19938
Mitsubishi Space Gear - FUEL - AIR - 6Sitze19955
Mitsubishi Space Gear / AIR / 2.020008
Mitsubishi Space Gear199510
Mitsubishi Space Gear19965
Mitsubishi Space Gear 2.0 GLS Areo Motion200014
Mitsubishi Space Gear 2.0L * 8 * 5 seater * door199915
Mitsubishi Space Gear 2000 GLX19987
Mitsubishi Space Gear 2000 GLX199910
Mitsubishi Space Gear 2000 GLX 9 Seater19993
Mitsubishi Space Gear 2000 GLX CHECKBOOK 8 - SEATER199911
Mitsubishi Space Gear GLX 2.0 * Air conditioning * 7 seats * APC *19999
Mitsubishi Space Gear Motion20015
Mitsubishi Space Gear Motion GLS. Air conditioning200115
Mitsubishi Space Gear Motion GLS KLIMA/TUNIG/6-SITZER200113
Mitsubishi Space Gear Sport Package 2xKLIMA TUV * 06-2013 *200012
Mitsubishi Space Runner ~ ~ AIR ~ AHK RCD!20009
Mitsubishi Space Runner * AIR * ABS * ALU *200010
Mitsubishi Space Runner * AIR, electric windows, Alloy wheels20009
Mitsubishi Space Runner € D3, air, spruce200013
Mitsubishi SPACE RUNNER 1.8 / AIR / CHECKBOOK Full session19976
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1.8 B KLIMATYZACJA 121 TKM19979
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1.8 GL19982
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1.8i 16V cat GLXI gas19974
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1.8i Cool Climate19996
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1800 AWD CLIMA CERCHI STEREO-CD-VET199711
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1800 GLX 2.hand electric glass sunroof199215
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1800 GLXi19943
Mitsubishi Space Runner 1800 GLXi19959
Mitsubishi Space Runner19969
Mitsubishi Space Runner19975
Mitsubishi Space Runner19993
Mitsubishi Space Runner 2.0 GDI - GAZ, AIR, ABS, CD, ...20009
Mitsubishi Space Runner 2.0i 16V GLX20019
Mitsubishi Space Runner 2.4 GDI / Cool200010
Mitsubishi Space Runner 2.4 GDI200213
Mitsubishi Space Runner 2.4 GDI Cool Climate20015
Mitsubishi Space Runner 2.4 GLS Motion200013
Mitsubishi Space Runner 2.4GDI XII.2000200010
Mitsubishi Space Runner20009
Mitsubishi Space Runner City19964
Mitsubishi Space Runner City199715
Mitsubishi Space Runner City (TOP condition ...!)19976
Mitsubishi Space Runner climate Tüv ZV 09/2012 sunroof19969
Mitsubishi Space Runner Colours19975
Mitsubishi Space Runner Cool19975
Mitsubishi Space Runner Cool19987
Mitsubishi Space Runner Cool20018
Mitsubishi Space Runner Cool with AIR199911

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