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(Saloon, Small Car, Limousine, Sports car/Coupe, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Other, Van / Minibus, Estate Car)
Lancia Ypsilon Argento 1.3 MJT 75CV 32820078
Lancia Ypsilon benz 1108cc year 1992. 38 897 km GED7916619925
Lancia Ypsilon BENZINA e KM DIESEL A 0 - A VARESE20119
Lancia Ypsilon climate; śliczna!19943
Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino / TOP CONDITION199811
Lancia Ypsilon gold201211
Lancia Ypsilon in ottime condizioni20045
Lancia Ypsilon KLIMATYZACJA200210
Lancia Ypsilon Magic Platinum Parking 5 €20127
Lancia Ypsilon Momo Desing20048
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 1.2 8v * Air / RaCD / mist *201113
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 1.2 8v 60hp20107
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 1.4 16v Fire201112
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 1.4 16v Fire 95 HP AIR Central locking ...201112
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 1.4 8v (77PS)201011
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 1.4 8V AIR20109
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 1.4 8V EasyPower petroleum gas (LPG)201215
Lancia Ypsilon Oro 2.1 51KW (69HP) / AC / CD RADIO201114
Lancia Ypsilon Oro20109
Lancia Ypsilon Oro-bearing20114
Lancia Ypsilon Platino 1.2 8V20117
Lancia Ypsilon Platino 1.3 MJT 90 CV AUTOMATICA201015
Lancia Ypsilon Platino 1.3 Multijet 16V20047
Lancia Ypsilon Platino 1.4 ** AUTOMATIC **200410
Lancia Ypsilon Platino 1.4 16V200712
Lancia Ypsilon Platino 1.4 16V (95HP) / Navigation200711
Lancia Ypsilon Platinum 0.9 MultiAir New Model20129
Lancia Ypsilon Platinum 0.9TwinAir, ACTION201215
Lancia Ypsilon PO LIFTINGU20076
Lancia Ypsilon Silver 0.9 Start & Stop20115
Lancia Ypsilon Sport Momo Design 1.4 16V20086
Lancia Ypsilon to 25% discount from German contract ...20125
Lancia Ypsilon UNYCA - A VARESE20116
Lancia Ypsilon unyca20113
Lancia Ypsilon Y 1200201111
Lancia Ypsilon Ypsilon 1.2 69 CV 5P Gold GPL20139
Lancia Ypsilon1.3 MTJ 75cv ORO DIESEL CAMBIO AUT DFN +20085
Lancia Ypsylon ESP, air conditioning, two tone201113
Lancia Z 2.0 JTD LX 7 posti FULL OPTIONAL - STUPENDA!200115
Lancia Z 2.0 JTD LX cat20017
Lancia Z 2.1 turbodiesel cat 12V LS19997
Lancia Z 2.1 turbodiesel cat 12V LX Gancio Traino19997
Lancia Z is NOO! Fiat Ulysse 2.1 TD ** 7 ** POSTI AFFIDABILIS199610
Lancia Z NEW VOYAGER 2.8L 163cv Gold Ds - auto nuova20119
Lancia Z noo! EVASION CITROEN 2.0 HDI ** 7 POSTI, COME NUO200215
Lancia Zagato 1.3 S19729
Lancia Zagato198211
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td / FULL LEATHER ALCANTARA / cruise / TUV :3-13199815
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td 10.2012 KLIMAAUTOMATIK TUV 1.HAND19979
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td 7 Seater19977
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td LS * Air conditioning *199815
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td LS19983
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td LS19995
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td LX19993
Lancia Zeta 1.2 Td LX KLIMAAUTOMATIK19977
Lancia Zeta19955
Lancia ZETA19977
Lancia Zeta 2.0 16V LX19998
Lancia Zeta 2.0 16V LX20018
Lancia Zeta 2.0 16V Z, Klimaaut. ,7-Seater, aluminum, leather, SHZ200015
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD 110 bhp ZAREJESTROWANY 7 FOTELI20009
Lancia Zeta 2.0 jtd19993
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD 7-seat climate control20017
Lancia Zeta 2.0 jtd climate 7Sitze20004
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD diesel LX Travel200215
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD LX20019
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD LX20025
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD LX 6 seat air Top Aluminum Facilities200112
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD LX 7-seater200010
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD LX Travel, 7 seater200113
Lancia Zeta 2.0 JTD LX Travel TUV NEW WITH WARRANTY200114
Lancia Zeta 2.0 Turbo LX19985
Lancia Zeta 2.0 Turbo LX199914
Lancia Zeta 2.0 Turbo LX climate control19986
Lancia Zeta 2.0 Turbo LX D3I exchange standard Fiat Al20005
Lancia Zeta 2.JTD199911

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