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(Van / Minibus, Estate Car, Small Car, Other)
Kia Carens CRDi DPF EX200710
Kia Carens CRDi DPF EX Air 7 seats200714
Kia Carens CRDi EX *** *** 1.Hand/Klima/CD/Euro320068
Kia Carens CRDi EX20028
Kia Carens CRDi EX20036
Kia Carens CRDi EX20075
Kia Carens CRDi EX201210
Kia Carens CRDi EX AUTO DPF + Navi + Klimaautom. + From200815
Kia Carens CRDi LX20027
Kia Carens CRDi LX20037
Kia Carens CRDi LX200413
Kia Carens CRDi LX20052
Kia Carens CRDi LX, air, fire damage ..200313
Kia Carens CRDi LX DPF200610
Kia Carens CRDi seven-seater first Hand warranty to 2013200813
Kia Carens Diesel 2.0L CRDI EX20108
Kia Carens EX Automatic air conditioning + Park + Pilot alloy wheels20085
Kia Carens EX Automatic TÜV / AU new200215
Kia Carens EX Leather, Climate HAND OUT 1200215
Kia Carens EX! Maintained vehicle!200511
Kia Carens from 1 Hand200810
Kia Carens II 2.0 Climatronic właściciel200510
Kia CARENS II Carens 2.0 CRDI 140 FAP Ac 5PL20106
Kia Carens Klimaautom. 8-CD radio specialist tires200412
Kia Carens LS200210
Kia Carens LX with air - EURO 3 -200311
Kia Carens MACHINE-SKORA-7-bedded 88TYSKM200815
Kia Carens piękna Igla Z Niemiec zobacz!200210
Kia Carnival * AIR * TRONIC PARKTRONIC * SERWIS *200610
Kia Carnival199911
Kia Carnival 2 º standard 2.9 16V CRDi VGT Harmony20098
Kia Carnival 2.2 CRDI 7 posti DPF201115
Kia Carnival 2.2 CRDI 7-seater, extremely favorable,201114
Kia Carnival 2.2 CRDI, 7 sitzter, \201214
Kia Carnival 2.2 CRDi diesel Active air automation ...20113
Kia Carnival 2.7 V6 AUTO 7 people 190PK Climate LM17 92200612
Kia Carnival 2.7 V6 EX Leather navigation gas20095
Kia Carnival 2.7 V6 LPG G3 7-pers Aut Climate Contro200612
Kia Carnival 2.7 V6 LX with LPG winter tires!200711
Kia Carnival 2.9 16V CRDi VGT Harmony20108
Kia Carnival 2.9, 7 seats *200613
Kia Carnival 2.9 AUT.20027
Kia Carnival 2.9 CDRi/2.Hand/Klima/7-Sitzer/8 compartment B200414
Kia Carnival 2.9 crd problemi al motore20018
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDI * DOSTAWCZY *20047
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi 16V cat Posti Family 7 \20045
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi 16V Family20094
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi 16V Family 7 Posti200715
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi20069
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDI200812
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDI 7 OSOBOWA200810
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi aut. Combi EX 2.9l 136kW20095
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi aut. EX20087
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi Automatic * Navi *200913
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDI Best Plus Electrique20105
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi DPF Aut. EX / LEATHER / DOOR PACKAGE200915
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi DPF Aut. EX20095
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi DPF EX20096
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi EX20075
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi EX20095
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi EX, 7 seater, air-200410
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi EX Leather AHK20043
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi EX-LEATHER-KLiMATR. 1.HAND-FULL200412
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi LX * 7 seats *200410
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDi LX DPF200714
Kia Carnival 2.9 CRDI SUPER Vanik200210
Kia Carnival 2.9 EX200910
Kia Carnival 2.9 EX HPDI aut20046
Kia Carnival 2.9 HU / AU 12.2012/Sehr gepflägt / Air!20065
Kia Carnival 2.9L 16V CRDi EX * Climate * Euro3200413
Kia Carnival20015
Kia Carnival20034
Kia Carnival20049
Kia Carnival20069
Kia Carnival200815
Kia Carnival20104
Kia Carnival Air V6 LS + / 7-seater +20016
Kia Carnival CRDi200612
Kia Carnival CRDi 6-seater air-conditioning20048
Kia Carnival CRDi Aut. DPF EX200710
Kia Carnival CRDi Aut. EX * 160 * tkm HU / AU 08/13 * PDC *200415
Kia Carnival CRDi Aut. EX + TÜV / AU + full equipment20065
Kia Carnival CRDi Aut. EX20045
Kia Carnival CRDi Aut. Executive200410
Kia Carnival CRDi Aut. LX 7-seater20129
Kia Carnival CRDi Automatic / Auto Air / AHK/-7-Sitze200415
Kia Carnival CRDi automatic 7 seater-green sticker-200615
Kia Carnival CRDi automatic air conditioning - APC - 1 Hand200412
Kia Carnival CRDi Automatic Executive TÜV + AU NEW201212
Kia Carnival CRDi EX20046
Kia Carnival CRDi EX20065
Kia Carnival CRDi EX first Hand winter wheels20075
Kia Carnival CRDi EX (trucks) HAND GOOD CONDITION 1200411
Kia Carnival CRDi LX20035
Kia Carnival CRDi LX20047

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