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(Small Car, Limousine, Estate Car, Other, Saloon, Cabrio / roadster, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck)
Kia Rio 1.6 EX20063
Kia Rio 1.6 EX200810
Kia Rio 1.6 EX Top20064
Kia Rio 1.6 EX Top200811
Kia RIO 1.6 SEDAN AUT * ** 2010 * EDITION **20122
Kia Rio 1.6 with PDC + radio with MP3 + LMF200613
Kia Rio20006
Kia RIO20015
Kia Rio20026
Kia Rio20042
Kia Rio20069
Kia Rio200710
Kia RIO20115
Kia Rio 3 - doors 1.4 technology Spirit20126
Kia Rio 3-door 1.2i Edition 7 \201215
Kia RIO 4.1 MOTION200812
Kia RIO 4.1 SPIR. 3-door - air, aluminum,20129
Kia Rio 5-door. Air radio CD MP3 electric. FH winterr20098
Kia Rio 5 door 1.2. -2012 - ESP, air conditioning, Central locking FB, R / CD, Alarm200914
Kia Rio 5-door EX 1.5 CRDi200613
Kia Rio 5-t 1.1 CRDi ISG Edition 720127
Kia Rio Ładne Czyste CAR200610
Kia Rio Attract 1.4200911
Kia Rio CVVT DOHC 1.4 L, 6-speed manual transmission, 80kW201010
Kia Rio EDITION * 1.2 * - CLIMATE / ESP / new model201215
Kia Rio Edition 1.2, air, ESP, Euro 5, New Model201215
Kia Rio Edition 1.2 NEW MODEL Space and Au201213
Kia Rio EDITION 1.4 7 * 20% discount *201215
Kia RIO EDITION 1.4 7 5 doors20126
Kia Rio Edition 1.4 ESP Model 2012 air-ZV201215
Kia Rio Edition New Model 1.2, 5-door / AIR / ZV ...201215
Kia Rio EX 1.6i CVVT Klimaautom. Hagelfzg.200911
Kia Rio EX, 6-m cy GWARANCJI20069
Kia Rio EX CRDi 16V Challenge1.5 5p.20082
Kia Rio Family (1125)20094
Kia Rio FC is metallic silver, sporty appearance20105
Kia Rio II Edition 7 1.1 CRDi201212
Kia RIO (new model 2012) 1.2 CVVT * air, ESP, RC20094
Kia Rio Spirit / HELIX Premium package / heated steering wheels201212
Kia RIO SPIRIT 02.01 0.0% Financial ISG. possible201213
Kia Rio2, 1.1 CRDI Edit.7, 5T, air, ABS, ESP, BSS, HAC20129
Kia Roadster19993
Kia Roadster, Elan200013
Kia Roadster owned by collectors in the best condition20005
Kia Roadster Top Condition20005
Kia Rocsta diesel19944
Kia Rocsta Hardtop19954
Kia RP Well, saloon cee'd Gwarancji F.Vat200910
Kia rs20014
Kia RS RS RS RS200212
Kia SALON Opirus POLSKA AIR F-VAT Xenon200510
Kia Sephia * 1.6 * 2-hand green environmental sticker *19967
Kia Sephia = Tüv 08/14 = Klimaa. = 90.000km = Allw ...19978
Kia Sephia = Tüv 09/14 = Klimaa. = 90.000km = Allw ...19978
Kia Sephia 1.6199414
Kia Sephia19932
Kia Sephia19956
Kia Sephia19982
Kia Sephia19994
Kia SEPHIA20015
Kia Sephia20043
Kia Sephia Carat19963
Kia Sephia GTX * ZV * Servo * EFH * 4.TÜRIG * METALLIC *19948
Kia Sephia GTX19969
Kia Sephia GTX19977
Kia Sephia GTX19995
Kia Sephia GTX SERVO19985
Kia Sephia INSTALACJA Gazowa20008
Kia Sephia SLX19965
Kia Sephia SPRZEDAM LUB ZAMIENIE NA scooters19935
Kia Shuma 1.6 LS aus1.Hand/Scheckheftgepfl climate.200213
Kia Shuma 1.8 Wave climate leather aluminum20046
Kia Shuma19975
Kia Shuma19983
Kia Shuma19995
Kia Shuma20004
Kia Shuma20015
Kia Shuma20034
Kia Shuma 6.1 Active - Automatic - gas system - Leather20058
Kia Shuma 6.1 AIR \200211
Kia Shuma, air20045
Kia Shuma GS19987
Kia Shuma GS200010
Kia Shuma II 1.6 LS Hatchback200211
Kia Shuma II Active200311
Kia Shuma II, air, aluminum wheels, winter tires &20047
Kia Shuma II LS20025
Kia Shuma II LS Mitgas20039
Kia Shuma II Sound - Air - 4xTüren - Notchback200211
Kia Shuma II Sound200210
Kia Shuma II sound AIR! TÜV / AU-NEW!200213
Kia Shuma II Wave20048
Kia Shuma II Wave climate of leather Orig.113000 km20039
Kia Shuma LS * AIR *19988
Kia Shuma LS20007
Kia Shuma LS20029
Kia Shuma LS201212

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