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(Sports car/Coupe, Cabrio / roadster, Limousine, Other, Saloon)
Jaguar OTHER 4.0 Ottime condizioni19986
Jaguar OTHER 4.0 V8 Convertible Aut5 NL-auto20027
Jaguar OTHER 4.2 V8 Executive20017
Jaguar OTHER 5.3 V12 Automaat, Empty, SCHUIFDAK198815
Jaguar OTHER Convertibile km.78.000200115
Jaguar OTHER Coupe PERMUTE CON AUTO MOTO Barche20034
Jaguar OTHER Majestic Major 4.5 V8 AUT.196614
Jaguar OTHER SALOON196814
Jaguar OTHER Super V8 LWB Uniek!199815
Jaguar Others Mark 5194915
Jaguar Others XK-120195215
Jaguar Panther De Ville V 12 46 St. worldwide Inz / exchange197710
Jaguar Panther J72197511
Jaguar Panther J72 V12 weltweit12 piece Inz / exchange19745
Jaguar R 5.0 V8 Supercharged XF20117
Jaguar R XF 5.0 V8 S / C201014
Jaguar RAM Type D Factory196815
Jaguar Roadster197314
Jaguar S-TYPE19395
Jaguar S-Type19669
Jaguar S-Type19685
Jaguar S-Type19996
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 Top Condition200211
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 1.Hand ARDEN TAG EURO-3200315
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V620025
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 Executive / Vollausst. / 2 Hd20046
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 Executive20024
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 Executive200315
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 Executive20045
Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 Sport RHD with sliding glass20037
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 *** very, very clean!! ***200611
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 D Highline Exec AUT620087
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 D V6 207PS Executive200814
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 D V6 Executive.200813
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 D V6 Executive Aut.200714
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 D V6 Twin Turbo DPF Exec.Navi leather200711
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Diesel Final Edition20087
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Diesel net export € 5,990. -200410
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 diesel V6 Executive20045
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 DPF full Xenon.Leder, navigation200713
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 TD * AUTO * LEATHER * shd * NAVI * PDC * TOP *200514
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Twin Turbo Diesel20075
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Twin Turbo Diesel DPF Vollausstattung20056
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Twin Turbo Diesel Executive 10 000 ex200611
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Twin Turbo Diesel Executive20044
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 V6 D20048
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 V6 Diesel Classic200414
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 V6 Diesel Executive / Alpine / Navi200814
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 V6 Executive auto diesel200715
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 V6 petrol Executive200412
Jaguar S-Type 2.7 V6 petrol Executive20078
Jaguar S-Type 2.7D / LEDER.NAVI-GROSS.XENON.PDC.18-INCH20075
Jaguar S-Type 2.7D 1main Carnet 54000KM200813
Jaguar S-Type 2.7DAut. Executive FINAL EDITION20085
Jaguar S-Type20005
Jaguar S-Type20013
Jaguar S-Type20023
Jaguar S-Type20035
Jaguar S-TYPE20055
Jaguar S-Type20068
Jaguar S-Type20074
Jaguar S-Type201215
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 Executive automatic petrol200110
Jaguar S-TYPE 3.0 MANUAL LIFT Piekna Sztuka!200210
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V620008
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V620015
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 24V AUTO cat Executive20025
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 24V cat Executive20028
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Aut. * Executive Vollaustattung20055
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Classic BA20048
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Executive *** FULL ***20075
Jaguar S-Type (3.0 V6 EXECUTIVE)20015
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Executive20027
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Executive20036
Jaguar S-TYPE 3.0 V6 Executive200415
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Executive motor makes noise!20015
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Executive Navi / leather / aluminum200315
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Executive SECONDA SERIES20035
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Sport20034
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Sport Aut. Full equipment20029
Jaguar S-TYPE 3.0 V6 SPORT PACK20038
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 Sport VOLLAUSSTATTUNG with GAS200211
Jaguar S-Type 3.0 V6 SUNROOF LEATHER PDC200114
Jaguar S-Type 3.0i V6 A20015
Jaguar S-Type 3.819655
Jaguar S-Type 4.0 V8 \20014
Jaguar S-Type 4.0 V8200012
Jaguar S-Type 4.0 V820025
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 i V8 EXECUTIVE LEATHER automaat XENON O200315
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 V8 Executive20025
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 V8 Executive200310
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 V8 Executive20064
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 V8 Sport ** NAVI XENON ** ** SD ** D ** TOP-veh200215
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 V8 Sport200214
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 V8 Sport Navi20039
Jaguar S-Type 4.319667

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