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(Estate Car, Limousine, Van / Minibus, Other, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Small Car)
Fiat Fiorino20095
Fiat Fiorino20124
Fiat Fiorino 255.211.219942
Fiat Fiorino 255.214.319945
Fiat Fiorino 255.214.319982
Fiat Fiorino 255.214.3 power steering truck approval199615
Fiat Fiorino 255.218.319944
Fiat Fiorino 255.220.119925
Fiat Fiorino 255.234.3 Comfort20005
Fiat Fiorino 255.240.119925
Fiat Fiorino 3.1 Multijet SX, air, excellent condition20084
Fiat Fiorino Cargo 1.3 M-JET BLUE & ME 75CV CLIMA200815
Fiat Fiorino Combi Natural Power201214
Fiat Fiorino Combi SX 1.3 MultiJet20086
Fiat Fiorino Combi SX 1.4 LPG20116
Fiat Fiorino Diesel ** 1.3 ** 5-seater Modell2009 **20109
Fiat Fiorino MOVIE / STUNT / REQUISITE19905
Fiat Fiorino Multijet.1, 3 JTD.Euro4.Grüne badge.20108
Fiat Fiorino Multijet 5-seater New Tüv u Au200815
Fiat Fiorino Multijet box / air20087
Fiat Fiorino Multijet SX20104
Fiat Fiorino Multijet SX Adventure201214
Fiat Fiorino Multijet SX air first Hand!20085
Fiat Fiorino Panorama 255.414.319966
Fiat Fiorino Panorama 255.414.319982
Fiat Fiorino Panorama Lupo 1.4i cat200110
Fiat Fiorino Pick-up 1.4i cat19987
Fiat Fiorino Pick Up 1.5L with Planne19938
Fiat Fiorino Qubo 1.3 Dynamic Mjt20084
Fiat Fiorino Qubo 1.3 Dynamic Mjt201011
Fiat Fiorino Qubo 1.3 Mjt team20086
Fiat Fiorino Qubo 1.3 Mjt team200910
Fiat Fiorino servo19987
Fiat Fiorino SX200813
Fiat Fiorino SX20104
Fiat Fiorino TD19985
Fiat Fiorino TD 255.219.319985
Fiat Fiorino TD 255.219.319994
Fiat Fiorino TD 255.249.3 Business20005
Fiat Fiorino TD 255.249.3 Business20016
Fiat Fiorino TD Comfort20006
Fiat Fiorino TD engine damage! ideal for helicopter!20005
Fiat Fiorino top condition19976
Fiat Fiorino truck box19947
Fiat Fiorino, truck registration, trailer hitch, approval before 02/201319948
Fiat Fiorino van SX 1.3 MultiJet200814
Fiat Flatbed Ducato 2.3 JTD (truck) flatbed20055
Fiat Flatbed Ducato Multijet 33 L2 115 € 5 standard201111
Fiat Freemont 2.0 16v M-Jet Urban KLIMAAUTOMATIK201115
Fiat Freemont 2.0 16V Multijet20115
Fiat Freemont 2.0 16v Urban20115
Fiat Freemont 2.0 16v Urban MJET including WR20118
Fiat Freemont 2.0 16v Urban Mjt 140CH 4x220115
Fiat Freemont 2.0 4WD Mj.16V Lounge20126
Fiat Freemont 2.0 M-JET 140CV URBAN *201115
Fiat Freemont 2.0 M-JET LOUNGE * 140CV201115
Fiat Freemont 2.0 M jet16v 140cv Urban Km0 2012!20125
Fiat Freemont 2.0 MJ DPF Urban (Heated) In stock!201215
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet 140 CV Freemont201113
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet 140 CV Freemont DPF201215
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet 140 CV Urban Km.020128
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet 16v 170cv201114
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet 16v 170cv Lounge Aut. AWD201112
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet 16V 7 Seats201113
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet 170 CV Urban Km.020128
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Multijet DPF Urban | PDC | AHK201115
Fiat Freemont 2.0 Urban Sitzheiz + + Klimaautom Park Pilot201111
Fiat Freemont Lounge 2.0 Multijet 16V DPF priority A20128
Fiat Freemont MJET 2.0 16V 4x4 DPF Lounge201111
Fiat Freemont MJET 2.0 16V DPF Urban 6-Gg.201112
Fiat Freemont MJET 2.0 16v Urban 5 DPF-Gg.201212
Fiat Freemont Mjt II 170 2.0 Lounge AWD video package Sc201315
Fiat Freemont My 4WD20124
Fiat Freemont to 20.1% discount from German reps ...20127
Fiat Freemont Urban 2.0 16v 170HP MULTIJET201110
Fiat Freemont Urban 2.0 16v MJTD201111
Fiat Freemont Urban 7-seats, automatic climate control, cruise control201115
Fiat Fremont Auto 4WD Lounge201113
Fiat FSM 126 / RESTORED NEW!198615
Fiat Furgone MTJ 1.3 16V SX20086
Fiat Gande Pundo 14 16V Dynamic20094
Fiat GLS 132 Aut. 1800197615
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.2 1.2 8V 65CV201015
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.3 75CV Mul.16V Dynam. 5pt. GRIGIO200915
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.3 75CV Mul.16V Dynam. ESP 5pt.200811
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.3 75CV Mul.16V Dynam. ESP 5pt.201015
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.3 75CV Mul.16V Dynam.5pt.20085
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.3 75CV Mul.16V GP 3pt.20089
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.3 M / JET Emot.3pt 90CV.20057
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.3 MJT 5p 75CV clima asr 12m garanzia200815
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.4 77CV Dynam. Nat.Pow. 5pt20097
Fiat Gr.Punto 1.4 77CV Nat.Pow. METANO 5pt 12m garanz200815
Fiat Gr.Punto Mjt 1.3 16V Emotion 90CV20086
Fiat Gr.Punto Mul.16V 1.3 90CV 6M Dyn.3pt.20057
Fiat Gr.Punto Mul.16V 1.3 90CV 6M Dyn.5pt N1.20078
Fiat Grande Punto / / CLIMATE FACTORY WARRANTY-5 DOOR201215

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