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(Cabrio / roadster, Limousine, Saloon, Sports car/Coupe, Other, Small Car, Sports Car/Coupe, Cabriolet / Roadster)
DeTomaso * The last Qvale Mangusta built veh! *200513
DeTomaso Deauville197415
DeTomaso Deauville19785
DeTomaso GT197315
DeTomaso GTS, Group 3197814
DeTomaso Guara Coupe rarity * | original assignable 1707km | *200014
DeTomaso Guara V8199515
DeTomaso HOVER BENZINA 4.2 + GPL autocarro200910
DeTomaso innocenti turbo19845
DeTomaso Longchamp197415
DeTomaso Longchamp197512
DeTomaso LONGCHAMP19764
DeTomaso Longchamp19799
DeTomaso Longchamp Spyder car factory20128
DeTomaso Longchamp V8 m. Approval of an H-414!!197611
DeTomaso Mangusta / - Leather197811
DeTomaso Mangusta in top condition196915
DeTomaso Mangusta2 (Qvale)20035
DeTomaso Mangusta2 V8 (Qvale)20035
DeTomaso Mini Turbo198515
DeTomaso Other19765
DeTomaso Other19895
DeTomaso Other201215
DeTomaso Other Longchamp GTS19885
DeTomaso Ovale Mangusta199610
DeTomaso Pantera19715
DeTomaso Pantera19724
DeTomaso Pantera19734
DeTomaso Pantera197415
DeTomaso Pantera19755
DeTomaso Pantera19808
DeTomaso Pantera19833
DeTomaso Pantera19975
DeTomaso Pantera Coupe19727
DeTomaso Pantera Coupe 5.7197410
DeTomaso Pantera factory-approved conversion Guppe 5S197610
DeTomaso Pantera Group 4197212
DeTomaso Pantera group 4 FIA papers + street legal197615
DeTomaso Pantera Group IV lens197215
DeTomaso Pantera GT5198212
DeTomaso Pantera GT5 S TARGA 24,600 KM, 1.Hand!198815
DeTomaso Pantera GT5s198615
DeTomaso Pantera GT5s19905
DeTomaso Pantera GT5S199210
DeTomaso Pantera GTS * European delivery * ex Dalida *197615
DeTomaso Pantera GTS19755
DeTomaso Pantera GTS 351c 4v197410
DeTomaso Pantera GTS H-plates198115
DeTomaso Pantera GTS, original German veh, Once!201215
DeTomaso Qvale200115
DeTomaso Qvale200612
DeTomaso Qvale 98M Manguasta 230kW manual EURO4200110
DeTomaso Qvale Mangusta20004
DeTomaso Qvale Mangusta200113
DeTomaso Qvale Mangusta 4.6 V8 # 289 of 289 / Sammlerfzg.200414
DeTomaso Qvale Mangusta II automatic20055
DeTomaso Qvale Mangusta No 5120034
DeTomaso Qvale Mangusta Targa Convertible Coupe200215
DeTomaso Top Condition!200011

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