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(Sports car/Coupe, Cabriolet / Roadster, Cabrio / roadster, Sports Car/Coupe, Limousine)
Corvette * C2 * Split Window 327cui. V8 300HP201215
Corvette € C6 Competition 2008 version20114
Corvette * Europe * Z06 model with warranty201014
Corvette 1958 Corvette matching No-Black-RED € 57,900195813
Corvette 1959-Black - Leather Black € 58,900 T119597
Corvette 1960 Black - Leather Black € 53.900T119608
Corvette 1961 Convertible - Hardtop € 39.500T1196113
Corvette 1962 - 327 Fuel Injection19626
Corvette 1963 - Convertible Hardtop -327- € 48,900 T1196315
Corvette 1966 C2 Convertible Big Block.4 transition peak condition196715
Corvette 1966 Coupe 427/390 (U.S. price)19964
Corvette 1970 350cui. 350 hp, H-approval, matching no.201215
Corvette 1971 Stingray 350 LT1 C319717
Corvette 1980 350 V8 Aut. 100% Rust Free REDUCED 7950 -198015
Corvette 1996-Collector Edition Convertible19965
Corvette 1998 pace car19985
Corvette 2006 Chevrolet Z06 Benzina Full Optional20066
Corvette 2008er 3LT glass roof200814
Corvette 2009er 3LT navigation200913
Corvette 2009er 3LT Z51 Navi glass roof200912
Corvette 2009er Z06 3LT NAVI200915
Corvette 2010s 3LT navigation201014
Corvette 2010s GRAND SPORT Z51 3LT201015
Corvette 2015 C7 8-speed automatic transmission - Exhaust flaps201215
Corvette 40th Anniversary C4 'approval Finished \199313
Corvette 427 Convertible 7.0 V8 model 2013 Europe immediately available201215
Corvette 427 Convertible Special Edition201215
Corvette 427 Roadster19685
Corvette 427 Tri-Power 1968196812
Corvette 427 (U.S. price)20124
Corvette 454 T-TOP COUPE BIG-BLOCK197615
Corvette 5.7-liter small-block19705
Corvette 5.7L \19966
Corvette 5.7L 50e Anniversaire BA20044
Corvette 50th Anniversary Special Edition200513
Corvette 6.0 Targa Head Up Display20078
Corvette 6.2 Grand Sport, Europe model, flaps Exhaust20119
Corvette '68 Convertible Frame-Off Restored19685
Corvette 7.4 Targa19746
Corvette APS C6 twin-turbo 680 hp200614
Corvette As new C6 Coupe Targa financing from 3.49%201010
Corvette ASI 198419846
Corvette C 06 convertible INDY 500 PACE CAR # 211200715
Corvette C 1 early 54 that 1.gebaute with long tailpipes195415
Corvette C-3 Targa198212
Corvette C 6 500 Pace Car Indi Emerson Fittipaldi, no. 93201015
Corvette C & F price V8 German spoken known from TV198015
Corvette C1 - C3 - C4 - C5 - C6197710
Corvette C1 1955 V8 265ci / 195 hp19555
Corvette C1 1957 RED w / RED LEATHER € 51,800 T119575
Corvette C119585
Corvette C119595
Corvette C1 1959 Hardtop19595
Corvette C119605
Corvette C1 1961 novel Red19615
Corvette C1 265/240 HP dual quad195615
Corvette C1 absolute top condition!196015
Corvette C1 Convertible 195419545
Corvette C1 Convertible195515
Corvette C1 Convertible195915
Corvette c1 convertible196015
Corvette C1 Convertible196115
Corvette C1 Convertible196212
Corvette C1 Convertible 283cui. V8 270 HP * 1959 * Top Condition201215
Corvette C1 Convertible 283cui.V8 270HP * 1961 * original condition201215
Corvette C1 Convertible 327cui.V8 300 HP * 1960 * excellent condition201215
Corvette C1 Convertible, CONDI & SUPER GREAT PRICE!196215
Corvette C1 Convertible original state195815
Corvette C1 frame-off / Matching Numbers Roadster196215
Corvette C1 Fuel Injection matching numbers195915
Corvette C1 Fuel Injection with NL mark196215
Corvette C1 (U.S. price)195615
Corvette C1 (U.S. price)195814
Corvette C2 * Split Window * 327cui. V8 300hp * Top restoration. *196314
Corvette C219645
Corvette C219662
Corvette C2 327/300 Roadster196615
Corvette C2 Cabrio 66196610
Corvette c2 cabriolet19636
Corvette c2 cabriolet19658
Corvette C2 Cabriolet 365hp Matching numbers!196515
Corvette C2 Convertible196415
Corvette C2 Convertible, GREAT CONDI & REALLY GREAT PRICE!196315
Corvette C2 Convertible L76 engine 365 hp196415
Corvette C2 Convertible L76 Engine 365 hp201215
Corvette C2 Convertible LS3 engine 383cui. 450 HP * Model Resto *201215
Corvette C2 Convertible, REALLY GOOD CONDI & GREAT PRICE!196415
Corvette C2 Coupe 3-stage Auto German approval.196615
Corvette C2 Coupe 327cui. * V8 365PS * frame-off rest.201214
Corvette C2 Coupe 396cui.V8 425PS engine * Side Pipes * 4-speed201215
Corvette C2 Coupe 427/425 hp big block19665
Corvette C2, orig.GT-1 B-Production Corvette Race, History196515
Corvette C2 Roadster196315
Corvette C2 Roadster201215
Corvette C2 Roadster (U.S. price)196515
Corvette C2 Split Window Coupe 1963 Top Original196315
Corvette C2 Sting Ray, factory side pipes + Florida Villa196715
Corvette C2 Sting Ray, switches, H-plates196315

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