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(Sports car/Coupe, Cabrio / roadster, Cabriolet / Roadster, Estate Car, Limousine, Sports Car/Coupe)
Cobra Autres19733
Cobra Backdraft - 402cui Roush19655
Cobra Backdraft 408cui 5-speed19655
Cobra Backdraft 42719745
Cobra Backdraft 6.6 liter 430 hp19657
Cobra Backdraft Cobra 427 by South!198715
Cobra Backdraft Roadster RT320115
Cobra Backdraft RT3 \19657
Cobra Backdraft Shelby Cobra19655
Cobra BDR 427 V8 550 hp20115
Cobra Big Block -198314
Cobra BRA-movement manufacturing with V819658
Cobra Brighwheel - Viper with H - acceptance files19775
Cobra CN * with H-plates *198015
Cobra CN19765
Cobra CN 427197715
Cobra CN 427 st Street Edition, Simply the be (a)196615
Cobra CN Cobra198015
Cobra CN original COBRA RS5 with a space frame196515
Cobra CN original factory RS-119795
Cobra Cobra196614
Cobra Cobra201214
Cobra Cobra 289 FIA19647
Cobra COBRA 289 STREET19657
Cobra COBRA 427 - AC Cars Ltd..196515
Cobra COBRA 42719797
Cobra COBRA 427 SC 5700 cc EURO 420055
Cobra COBRA 427 SC RAM in a classic timeless style19925
Cobra COBRA 5.0 V8 427 REPLICA BVA20037
Cobra COBRA DAX Tojeiro19687
Cobra COBRA DAX Tojeiro20127
Cobra COBRA MK IV198715
Cobra COBRA PILGRIM SUMO V8 H-tests and test results.19736
Cobra COBRA SC42719657
Cobra COBRA V8 PILGRIM198215
Cobra CSX 7000 289 FIA19655
Cobra CSX 7000 289 FIA20125
Cobra CSX 7000 Shelby 289 FIA19655
Cobra DAX197412
Cobra Dax19885
Cobra Dax 427 \19705
Cobra DAX 427 V8 H-plates196615
Cobra Dax 5.7 liter V8 Chevy LT 1 EURO III197015
Cobra Dax CN 427 \198014
Cobra Dax Tojero 5.6 liter engine H-Marking of. LPG19808
Cobra Dax Tojero LHD V8 H-Marking of. LPG19805
Cobra Dax V8 and H-plate RHD19735
Cobra DAX V8 with H-approval197715
Cobra DAX V8 with sidepipes19898
Cobra DAYTONA CSX 9000196411
Cobra \(DEALS!)196511
Cobra Dex Tojero197510
Cobra DMS Venom Repl V619795
Cobra DMS Venom Sports Repl V619795
Cobra Dow197412
Cobra Dow Tojeiro 5.7L LPG199215
Cobra Dow Tojero options with H-approval Racing19797
Cobra Dow V800 Blue 6.320036
Cobra \(DREAM CAR!)196515
Cobra Everett Morrison REAL H-approval possible19729
Cobra Excalibur 42719958
Cobra Excalibur factory building with compressor19985
Cobra Factory Five MK II FFR4602K H-report19659
Cobra FFR 1965 GT-40 Gulf Heritage Design19655
Cobra FFR Mk 3 Roadster IRS!19656
Cobra FFR Roadster19658
Cobra FFR Roadster 4.0 L 1 Hand19656
Cobra FFR V8 VAT. deductable196511
Cobra Ford V 6 to 2.0 Essex Libra19895
Cobra Ford V8 with H approval for disabled persons19683
Cobra FTSE 427 H-plate RHD19735
Cobra Gardener Duglas19885
Cobra Gardner Dagles with H-Marking of20128
Cobra Gardner Douglas V8 H-plates19807
Cobra Gardner Dougles MK III with H KENNZ TOP!198010
Cobra H with German approval19745
Cobra HAWK 289 Ford V8 H-plates197112
Cobra Held201114
Cobra Hi-Tech Shelby 427 S / C19667
Cobra Jaguar Viper Bright Wheel BRG H-plates Chevy20128
Cobra KCC Perfectly Restored199415
Cobra LHD V8 H-plates19733
Cobra Libra198911
Cobra Magnum, V8 with H-plates19725
Cobra Magnum with H-plates19725
Cobra MK III19659
Cobra MKIII 427sc aluminum body198913
Cobra MODEL 2012 AC MK VI201115
Cobra Mohr19865
Cobra Mohr19875
Cobra Mohr19895
Cobra Mohr19917
Cobra Mohr 427! LEFT HAND!19885
Cobra Mohr FORD TECHNOLOGY *** ***198415
Cobra Mohr LHD V819885
Cobra Mohr V8 LHD19885
Cobra Mohr V8 with original 23,000 km * Mint *198915
Cobra NAF 427 Cleveland 5.7 original196614

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