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(Cabriolet / Roadster, Cabrio / roadster, Sports Car/Coupe, Other, Sports car/Coupe, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck)
Caterham - RCB 'HS20', 6Gg./u-frei/1.Lack/orig. 1300 km20145
Caterham , SV, 1.8 VVC Rover K-, X-Power, 160 hp, sv20034
Caterham 1.6 Rover K-Series Supersport20025
Caterham 1600 Road Sport19966
Caterham 1600K Superlight20044
Caterham 175 road sport SV20103
Caterham 2.0 R300 SUPERLIGHT NUOVA ancora since immatricolar201312
Caterham 21 1.8 VVC199915
Caterham 2119975
Caterham 27520125
Caterham 40th Anniversary Special Edition Rec199713
Caterham 485 R - HS20 RCB20135
Caterham 620 / R201215
Caterham 620 R20149
Caterham 7 \19997
Caterham ACADEMY 1.6200710
Caterham Academy Super Seven (Many accessories)20025
Caterham Academy Super Seven S320025
Caterham ARIEL ATOM replica20124
Caterham Birkin S319996
Caterham BUICK ROAD SPORT 40 ° anniversary199815
Caterham CATERHAM CSR200200814
Caterham CATERHAM R500200915
Caterham CATERHAM ROAD SPORTS anniversary 40 °199815
Caterham CATERHAM Superlight Race VVC200515
Caterham Classic 720055
Caterham Cosworth CSR 260 - ORIGINAL!20065
Caterham CSR 17520105
Caterham CSR 17520113
Caterham CSR 175 EU520104
Caterham CSR 20020093
Caterham CSR 200 Cosworth200811
Caterham CSR201111
Caterham CSR 26020074
Caterham CSR 260200915
Caterham CSR 260 RHD200712
Caterham CSR 260 Superlight20083
Caterham DAX RUSH TURBO 1.319867
Caterham Donkervoort S8 - 2.4 D8 - Cup car198615
Caterham EVOLUTION 7 with no HAMMER V8 Caterham19995
Caterham ex 125 Academy Road Sports20135
Caterham GBS Zero 2.0 179 hp RHD20117
Caterham Great British Sportscar LHD200910
Caterham HKT RS Clubsport show car as New20097
Caterham HPC \19925
Caterham HPC19935
Caterham HPC19954
Caterham HPC, TÜV inspection new, second hand20127
Caterham LEFT HAND DRIVE Super 7 Seven WHITE CAT20035
Caterham LHD, 2.0L Duratec20085
Caterham LHD chassis SV Arch20098
Caterham LHD S3 Road Sport 1.619979
Caterham LHD Sigma SV 1.6200810
Caterham LHD Supersprint19985
Caterham Lotus Super 7 VM 7719915
Caterham Lotus Super Seven 1600 GT \198815
Caterham Lotus Super Seven 7 Robin Hood19885
Caterham Original - LEFT HAND mgl.199812
Caterham Other19875
Caterham Other19895
Caterham Other19915
Caterham Other19955
Caterham Other19965
Caterham Other19985
Caterham Other19995
Caterham Other20004
Caterham Other20014
Caterham Other20025
Caterham Other20075
Caterham Other20085
Caterham Other20105
Caterham OTHER Catrham Opel20125
Caterham Other S319915
Caterham OTHER Seven LHD201211
Caterham OTHER SUPER SEVEN 1600 GT LHD198815
Caterham Panda 4x4 Cross 1.3 JTD70 Mjt200810
Caterham Panda Cross 4x4 3.1 JTD70 Mjt20068
Caterham R 300 Race Street Legal Team Lotus F1 Edition201115
Caterham R 300 Special Model / 160PS / 6speed / RHD200013
Caterham R 40019985
Caterham R 400 Race / Street20024
Caterham R 400, road course leave!20024
Caterham r 485 or RCB 'HS20' - NEW CARS -20135
Caterham R 500 Race200215
Caterham R300 SV20115
Caterham R400 SUPER LIGHT20033
Caterham R400 Superliht 2.3 Duratec 309 hp200615
Caterham R50020094
Caterham R500 LHD with German approval200912
Caterham R500 LHD with German approval20127
Caterham Race Car20025
Caterham Raodsport S3 RHD20115
Caterham RCB - HS20, as new, reduced!20145
Caterham RCB Super Seven 2.Hand CLEAN + CARE199612
Caterham Replica VM200512
Caterham Road Rover Sport 1.6 135PS20075
Caterham Road Sport 1.620065

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