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(Other, Small Car, Limousine, Saloon, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck)
Casalini 1020028
Casalini 2Sitzer20119
Casalini DAYTONA 600 M10 NUOVO201110
Casalini Easy car / light vehicle20108
Casalini ICE 600 M10 NUOVO201214
Casalini Kerry KERRY 600 NUOVO20115
Casalini Kerry KERRY 600 NUOVO20125
Casalini Kerry NUOVO 60020125
Casalini LEATHER; ALU:20028
Casalini Light trucks20128
Casalini Ligier wheelchairs. Without a license19974
Casalini M10 Ice20113
Casalini M10 ICE 600 NUOVO201214
Casalini M10 Lusso20063
Casalini m10 moped car microcar20085
Casalini M10 OPERA '635 NUOVO201215
Casalini M10 SD20108
Casalini m1220126
Casalini M12 GREEN light motor vehicle / light vehicle201210
Casalini M12 SX light motor vehicle / light vehicle20128
Casalini Minicab20074
Casalini Minicar pickup20103
Casalini Other19845
Casalini Other19904
Casalini Other20022
Casalini Other20035
Casalini Other20085
Casalini Other20105
Casalini Other20125
Casalini Piaggio moped car like Aixam Ligier Microcar from1620095
Casalini Pick up Sulki20126
Casalini SD20115
Casalini Sulky20085
Casalini Sulky20104
Casalini Sulky Dea 50019989
Casalini Sulky Diesel Mitsubishi20095
Casalini Sulky Kore 50019954
Casalini Sulky moped car20116
Casalini Sulky moped diesel car20095
Casalini Sulky SP50 - CAT.19915
Casalini Sulkydea clima20075
Casalini Type 7220115
Casalini Vans / light motor vehicle / light vehicle20122
Casalini Ydea20014
Casalini Ydea20023
Casalini Ydea20035
Casalini Ydea20044
Casalini Ydea 45Kmh car!20078
Casalini Ydea 50020004
Casalini Ydea 50020023
Casalini Ydea light motor vehicle20085
Casalini Ydea moped car20025
Casalini YDEA MX20059
Casalini Yeda19995

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