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(Sports Car/Coupe, Saloon, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Small Car, Limousine, Van / Minibus, Cabriolet / Roadster, Other, Cabrio / roadster, Sports car/Coupe, Estate Car)
Borgward \19337
Borgward 150019505
Borgward 2000 A B-O19565
Borgward AD B522 with H-plates196111
Borgward ALEXANDER TS 1 HAND195914
Borgward Arabella19605
Borgward Arabella de Lux196114
Borgward B 1500 F diesel flatbed / tipper original195914
Borgward B 200 Convertible 9 Seats195715
Borgward B 200019564
Borgward B 2000 Bussing196414
Borgward B 2000 telephone cars19595
Borgward B 250019575
Borgward B 522 / AD * 4x4 * DIESEL19619
Borgward B 522 AO TLF 8 Graaff Elze heath fire tanker19605
Borgward B200019575
Borgward B200019645
Borgward B2000 A / O jeep19585
Borgward B2000 A / O jeep19615
Borgward B2000 A / O jeep Liz. BÜSSING20125
Borgward B2000A195712
Borgward B2500 lf8 wheel195613
Borgward B2500AD19595
Borgward B522 AD with H-plates19619
Borgward BO 611-0, RV196015
Borgward BO611 Fensterbus \196115
Borgward Borgward-Goliath Hansa 1100 Lim Scheunenfund196012
Borgward COOLER B 2000 2.4 l ALLRAD CABRIO19575
Borgward Coupe19585
Borgward Goliath 1100 -5719584
Borgward Goliath F200 Flatbed prewar 1937193715
Borgward Goliath Goli 500 Flatbed195910
Borgward Goliath Goli 500 Flatbed19609
Borgward Goliath Goli 500 platform (long)195910
Borgward Goliath Goli tricycle truck ready to drive19575
Borgward Goliath GP700 * restored * Location: 3503719544
Borgward Goliath gp700e19545
Borgward Goliath Hansa 110019597
Borgward Goliath Hansa 1100, condition \201211
Borgward Goliath Hansa 1100 vintage H Approval195915
Borgward Goliath Hansa196212
Borgward Goliath tricycle 490 ccm BJ 195619569
Borgward Gutbrod 504 rear194815
Borgward Hansa 110019395
Borgward Hansa 1100 1960 model19565
Borgward Hansa 1100 coupe barn find195915
Borgward Hansa 1100 Goliath / Borgward19597
Borgward Hansa 180019535
Borgward IFA F8 convertible luxury19552
Borgward Isabella 1.5 Estate19595
Borgward Isabella 1500 Combi19555
Borgward Isabella195515
Borgward Isabella19565
Borgward Isabella19575
Borgward Isabella19585
Borgward Isabella195915
Borgward Isabella19605
Borgward Isabella19615
Borgward Isabella19945
Borgward Isabella Combi Combi195615
Borgward Isabella Coupe - Bj.1960201215
Borgward Isabella coupe19575
Borgward Isabella Coupe19585
Borgward Isabella coupe19599
Borgward Isabella Coupe19625
Borgward Isabella Coupe201213
Borgward Isabella coupe cabriolet19605
Borgward Isabella Coupe SUNROOF WITH196015
Borgward Isabella H 1500198015
Borgward Isabella Saloon19572
Borgward Isabella TS20125
Borgward Isabella TS '56 Sunroof! VAT!195615
Borgward Isabella TS Coupe196010
Borgward Isabella TS DeLuxe19585
Borgward Isabella with sliding roof19605
Borgward Isabella Year 1959 \195912
Borgward Isabella year 1960 \196015
Borgward Llod 400 with 600 engine201215
Borgward Lloyd Alexander19583
Borgward LLOYD Alexander 60019575
Borgward Lloyd Alexander LP60019605
Borgward Lloyd Alexander TS19595
Borgward Lloyd Alexander TS Kombi \19575
Borgward lloyd Arabella196114
Borgward Lloyd Arabella Pappbrief, 1.Hd!, 34 tkm!196015
Borgward Lloyd LB 60019575
Borgward Lloyd LP 25019574
Borgward Lloyd LP 40019565
Borgward Lloyd LP 400 S19565
Borgward Lloyd LP 60019575
Borgward Lloyd LP 60019605
Borgward Lloyd LP 600 Alexander TS Bj.195819585
Borgward Lloyd LP400S19555
Borgward Lloyd LS600195713
Borgward Open box truck19555
Borgward Other19545
Borgward Other19555
Borgward Other19575
Borgward Other19585
Borgward Other19595

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