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(Sports Car/Coupe, Small Car, Van / Minibus, Other, Cabrio / roadster, Cabriolet / Roadster, Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck, Limousine)
Aixam GTI Coupe - NOUVEAU MODELE 201320126
Aixam GTI Coupe 2014201415
Aixam GTI Coupe with ABS, panoramic roof, summer action20127
Aixam GTI coupe with ABS (pearl yellow)20128
Aixam GTO201112
Aixam GTO201210
Aixam Held19975
Aixam Held19997
Aixam Held Microcar M.GO20119
Aixam inny JDM SIMPA ABACA L6E20088
Aixam inny LIGIER MICROCAR BEZ prawa JAZDY200610
Aixam Italcar T220065
Aixam JDM Abaca20076
Aixam JDM Abaca Comfort20069
Aixam JDM Abaca moped car 45km / h Aixam200613
Aixam JDM Aloes20107
Aixam JDM Aloes 45km / h moped car201114
Aixam JDM aloes moped car microcar 45km / h diesel200915
Aixam JDM moped car from 16 years as mobile MC Ligier201015
Aixam JDM Simpa20045
Aixam JDM Titan20025
Aixam JDM Titan 45km / h moped car, 47tkm20007
Aixam Ligier --- SUPER LUXE --- 99-I.Hand19998
Aixam Ligier Casalini flatbed Mitsubishi engine from 16y201114
Aixam Ligier IXO trek sport similar. Microcar, APE20113
Aixam Line Road, 45km / h moped Car of 2009200913
Aixam Mac 500 Convertible similar Ligier Microcar20015
Aixam Malanka, 3 wheel194710
Aixam MBB 400 (Tjaffer)19973
Aixam Mega199615
Aixam Mega20034
Aixam Mega20055
Aixam Mega20065
Aixam Mega20075
Aixam Mega200811
Aixam Mega200915
Aixam MEGA 400 - Multi-Truck20045
Aixam Mega 40020045
Aixam MEGA 450 + + + + beach buggy mobile + + + + Lightweight19969
Aixam Mega A.721 400cc diesel SENZA PATENTS200610
Aixam Mega A.721 400cc Senza patents200610
Aixam mega aixam20103
Aixam Mega Box20068
Aixam Mega Box201310
Aixam MEGA Chassis-Cab Diesel20112
Aixam MEGA City electric LiFe20115
Aixam MEGA e-platform20115
Aixam Mega Hijet 600 Diesel Truck Multi platform (S85)201115
Aixam Mega K 34V20082
Aixam mega mega truck moped car microcar 45km / h from 16!200515
Aixam MEGA MINI truck moped car 45km / h diesel from 16!200515
Aixam Mega moped car 45km / h201013
Aixam Mega moped car 45km / h light motor vehicle200914
Aixam Mega Multi Truck Box with 400 Mopeführerschein20117
Aixam Mega Multi Truck Fourgon diesel 400 - sans permis20105
Aixam Mega Multi Truck light vehicle20118
Aixam Mega Multi Truck light vehicle201210
Aixam Mega! Nooo .. MOTOAGRICOLA 4X4 VALENTINI197915
Aixam Mega Pick20035
Aixam Mega Platform20115
Aixam Mega, Tipper, ISEKI, Kubota diesel200915
Aixam mega truck 45 kmh easy motor vehicle200815
Aixam Mega Truck Van20129
Aixam Mega Van 400 Multi-Truck20048
Aixam MEGA VAN Diesel20089
Aixam Mega Van Diesel 45 km / h20075
Aixam megaupload20044
Aixam microcar due201113
Aixam Microcar hold due20118
Aixam Microcar MC120046
Aixam Microcar MC220065
Aixam minAuto 200920095
Aixam MinAuto20129
Aixam mini truck, light vehicle-moped auto diesel20075
Aixam MINICAR 125 DISEL 4 POSTI20015
Aixam minivan microcar, moped, car, light motor vehicle20055
Aixam Moped Car Minicar19984
Aixam Other19983
Aixam Other19995
Aixam Other20003
Aixam Other20013
Aixam Other20025
Aixam Other20034
Aixam Other20045
Aixam Other20058
Aixam Other20062
Aixam Other20073
Aixam Other20115
Aixam Other20125
Aixam Other Bellier CAMIONCINO 523 C.C.DIESEL20018
Aixam Pack20086
Aixam Piaggio GT 500 Convertible197814
Aixam Pick-up 500-420075
Aixam Pick Up car light motor scooter stuff20075
Aixam Premium coupe with ABS (pearl white)20125
Aixam Premium Crossover20127
Aixam Premium crossover 45km / h diesel20118
Aixam Premium crossover moped license201114
Aixam Premium Crossover (pearl white)20111

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