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Sports car/Coupe Vehicles

Corvette C3 L48 1977Corvette5
Corvette C3 L48 V8 T-Top 1979 H-registration 1979Corvette13
Corvette C3 L82 steep rear window 1976Corvette5
Corvette C3 LT1 - Matching Numbers 1971Corvette15
Corvette C3 LT1 Matching Number 1972Corvette5
Corvette C3 Matching Numbers 1977Corvette15
Corvette C3 Matching Numbers 1978Corvette15
Corvette C3 Matching Numbers 1979Corvette15
Corvette C3 NL approval 1980Corvette15
Corvette C3 Official Pace car 1978Corvette15
Corvette C3 Pace Car 2012Corvette15
Corvette C3 Side Pipes / Matching Numbers !!! 1975Corvette15
Corvette C3 sidepipes 1978Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray 1973Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray 1973 Targa 1973Corvette5
Corvette C3 Stingray 75er 1975Corvette4
Corvette C3 Stingray Big Block Auto Targa - H-approval 1979Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray Coupe * T-Top * V8 \ 2012Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray sidepipes 1969Corvette12
Corvette C3 Stingray Special Edition Crossfire Injection *** ** 1982Corvette15
Corvette C3 stingray t-top ASI STORICA 1979Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray T-Top Manual Shift 1972Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray Targa 5.7 V8 4-Speed/Handshift 1975Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray Targa Automatic climate BRD authorization 1979Corvette10
Corvette C3 T Roof Chrome model! Collector item! 1970Corvette15
Corvette C3 T TOP 350 CUI V8 AUTO AIR Numbers Matching 1971Corvette15
Corvette C3 T TOP COUPE, 4 speed switch, project 1968Corvette15
Corvette C3 T Top Coupe Automatic Big Block Optic 1972Corvette15
Corvette C3, T top, Sting Ray 5.7cc 1974Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 1969Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 1973Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 1974Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 1975Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 1976Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 1977Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 1979Corvette5
Corvette C3 Targa 1980Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 2012Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa 454cui Big Block Automatic Matching Numbers 1971Corvette15
Corvette C3 Targa! orig.57.000 mls! All original! 1975Corvette7
Corvette C3 Very good condition! 1973Corvette15
Corvette C4 - with gray leather interior 1987Corvette15
Corvette C4 1974Corvette5
Corvette C4 1984Corvette5
Corvette C4 1985Corvette6
Corvette C4 1987Corvette5
Corvette C4 1990Corvette5
Corvette C4 1991Corvette5
Corvette C4 1991 5.7L V8 Targa 250 HP 1991Corvette12
Corvette C4 1992Corvette5
Corvette C4 1994Corvette15
Corvette C4 1995Corvette5
Corvette C4 1996Corvette5
Corvette C4 5.7 TPI bj. 1989 - EXCELLENT CONDITION! 1989Corvette2
Corvette C4 5.7 V8 Targa 1987Corvette15
Corvette C4 5.7L V8 Targa 1992Corvette5
Corvette C4 6-speed switch 1992Corvette5
Corvette C4 7.5 Targa 1996Corvette14
Corvette C4 C4 Coupe 5.7 V8 5.7 V8 Coup 1991Corvette13
Corvette C4 collectible 1992Corvette5
Corvette C4 first Hand 49000km! 1992Corvette13
Corvette C4 LT1 1992Corvette4
Corvette C4 LT1, 40th Anniversary 2012Corvette15
Corvette C4 Stars and Stripes 1996Corvette10
Corvette C4 Targa / leather / climate control 1995Corvette12
Corvette C4 Targa 1984Corvette3
Corvette C4 TARGA 1985Corvette2
Corvette C4 Targa 1986Corvette3
Corvette C4 Targa 1991Corvette10
Corvette C4 Targa 1992Corvette4
Corvette C4 TARGA AUTO 1988Corvette14
Corvette C4 TARGA TOP WHITE VEHICLE new paint 1995Corvette9
Corvette C4 Targa TPI H-approval 1982Corvette5
Corvette C4 TÜV / AU 5/2014 1991Corvette5
Corvette C5 / Borla / K & N / track ... 2005Corvette5
Corvette C5 / FIRST HAND / ONLY 19 810 KM / new condition 2004Corvette15
Corvette C5 * German * delivery * Heads Up * 2.Hand 40TKM * 1999Corvette12
Corvette C5 1997Corvette5
Corvette C5 1999Corvette5
Corvette C5 2002Corvette9
Corvette C5 2003Corvette5
Corvette C5 2003 50th TARGA! Top condition! 75000Km! COC 2003Corvette15
Corvette C5! 20inch! PERFECT CAR SOUTH BEACH! 2003Corvette7
Corvette C5 5.7 Targa Automaat, Space, Air Conditioning, Lmv 1997Corvette4
Corvette C5 5.7 V8 Targa Automaat, empty, Lmv, Ecc 2004Corvette11
Corvette C5 5.7 V8 Targa HEAD UP LEATHER 2000Corvette15
Corvette C5 6-Speed ​​German Perm 2002Corvette15
Corvette C5 6-speed switch 2002Corvette8
Corvette C5 6-speed switch 2003Corvette12
Corvette C5 Aut. Widebody Biturbo 530HP org.8000km 1A 1997Corvette13
Corvette C5 COUPE - EURO VERSION 2004Corvette12
Corvette C5 Coupe 6 speed switches EU 2002Corvette13
Corvette C5 Coupe Auto PAINT 2000Corvette15
Corvette C5 coupe cambio automatico (unico esemplare) 2001Corvette5
Corvette C5 Coupe CHECKBOOK EUROPE TOP! 2002Corvette15
Corvette C5 coupe, German Mod.Autom., Schmidt Revo.20 ' 2002Corvette13
Corvette C5 Coupe Targa roof 2003Corvette14
Corvette C5 Coupe_TOP SCHECKHEFT_AUTOM_CHROMFELGEN! 2002Corvette15
Corvette C5 Glass Targa Auto 47'km 1998Corvette15

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