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Cabrio / roadster Vehicles

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1992Volkswagen5
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1993Volkswagen5
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet convertible BM Tech 1.2 TSI Alcantar 2012Volkswagen11
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Fashion Line 1992Volkswagen5
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet (GL) 1989Volkswagen5
Volkswagen Golf Convertible 2.0 1994Volkswagen6
Volkswagen Golf convertible with heated seats 1.8/Sportsitze 1996Volkswagen8
Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabrio Schrick 1978Volkswagen5
Volkswagen Golf GTI Convertible GTO Rieger 1982Volkswagen15
Volkswagen Golf I 1.5 GLS CONVERTIBLE AUT 1978Volkswagen5
Volkswagen Leather golf quartet of first Hand cover new 1988Volkswagen15
Volkswagen New Beetle 1.6 Highline 2004Volkswagen3
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 1.4 2003Volkswagen4
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 1.4 2004Volkswagen14
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 1.6 Freestyle 2009Volkswagen8
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 1.6 Sport Freestyle 2009Volkswagen15
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 1.8 2004Volkswagen13
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 1.9 TDI 1.Hand 2006Volkswagen14
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 2.0 2003Volkswagen9
Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet 2.0 HIGHLINE XENON 2003Volkswagen15
Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible 1.6-1. Hand-leather-Euro4 aluminum 2004Volkswagen14
Volkswagen New beetle convertible 2007Volkswagen5
Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible Freestyle 2010Volkswagen13
Volkswagen New Beetle Electric Vedeck 2005Volkswagen7
Volkswagen Passat CC 2.0 TDI CR 140 FAP 16S DSG6 2010Volkswagen2
Volkswagen Tuscany Golf Cabrio EZ 9/94 1993Volkswagen5
Volkswagen U.S. Model 6 cyl. 150 hp automatic climate 2006Volkswagen4
Volvo * Climate control * Leather * Premium Sound * checkbook * 2002Volvo5
Volvo 2.0D Summum RTI warranty until May 2014 2009Volvo13
Volvo 207 SW 2.0D136 Summum Pshift 2010Volvo12
Volvo C 70 2.0 Comfort - Navi, leather, climate 2001Volvo14
Volvo C 70 2.0 D Summum Xenon AT / leather 2011Volvo10
Volvo C 70 2.0T Premium Convertible 2003Volvo15
Volvo C 70 2.4 1 hand i Summum Navi Xenon (leather) 2006Volvo15
Volvo C 70 2.4 Momentum (xenon leather climate) 2009Volvo15
Volvo C 70 Cabriolet 2.4 T Premium 2002Volvo9
Volvo C 70 convertible 2.0 automatic transmission, air conditioning, 2001Volvo6
Volvo C 70 Convertible 2.0T Comfort 2002Volvo7
Volvo C 70 D 3 DPF Momentum 2011Volvo7
Volvo C 70 D 4 DPF Climate Momentum leather PDC 2011Volvo15
Volvo C 70 D 4 DPF Momentum Air Navi Xenon PDC Leather 2012Volvo8
Volvo C rear 70 T5 Summum climate, Xenon, PDC 2009Volvo9
Volvo C70-18 D4 Automatic \ 2011Volvo5
Volvo C70 1999Volvo7
Volvo C70 2.0 D Kinetic NAVI BI-XENON PDC 2008Volvo11
Volvo C70 2.0 Diesel Kinetic 2009Volvo7
Volvo C70 2.0 T LEATHER, CLIMATE, LM WHEELS, CHECKBOOK, Sportf 2003Volvo12
Volvo C70 2.0D \ 2010Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.0D Automaat Tourer, RTI navigatie 2009Volvo12
Volvo C70 2.0D Kinetic, heater, 1.Hand 2008Volvo9
Volvo C70 2.0D MOMENTUM 2007Volvo9
Volvo C70 2.0D Momentum 2009Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.0D Powershift Momentum 2011Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.0D Summum / XENON / LEATHER 2009Volvo9
Volvo C70 2.0i Convertible TURBO OFF. PRIMAVERA 2005Volvo9
Volvo C70 2.0T / / LEATHER / / CLIMATE CONTROL / / 99TKM / / 2002Volvo10
Volvo C70 2.0T + LEATHER + AIR + CRUISE + controls SITZHEIZUNG 2005Volvo12
Volvo C70 2.0T 2002Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.0T Comfort 2003Volvo8
Volvo C70 2.0T Comfort 2004Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.0T Convertible Automatic. / Leather / Air / Navi 2006Volvo14
Volvo C70-2.0T.el Werdeck. LederAustatung 2003Volvo13
Volvo C70 2.0T LEATHER NAVI + +1. + S HAND BOOK 2005Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.0T Leather Seat heating Climate 2005Volvo14
Volvo C70 2.0T Premium 2002Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.0T, wool-Elecktrich convertible, leather, 2003Volvo14
Volvo C70, 2.4 140 Pt Kinetic Geartronic Navigatie / client 2009Volvo12
Volvo C70 2.4 170CV Momentum \ 2006Volvo8
Volvo C70 2.4 20V 170CV 2006Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.4 Aut. Momentum 2006Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4 D5 20V Momentum 2009Volvo6
Volvo C70 2.4 D5 Geartronic MOMENTUM 20V CONVERTIBLE C.AUT. 2010Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.4 Kinetic 2006Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4 Kinetic 2010Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.4 Momentum 2006Volvo4
Volvo C70 2.4 Momentum Leather Bluetooth 2009Volvo14
Volvo C70 2.4 T Auto Collection Navi Subwoofers 2005Volvo14
Volvo C70 2.4i 170pk Summum leather 2008Volvo8
Volvo C70 2.4i aut. Geartronic € 29,000 2006Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.4i aut. LPG Autogas, towbar, full leather 2006Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4i aut. Momentum 2006Volvo8
Volvo C70 2.4i aut. Summum 2006Volvo2
Volvo C70 2.4i aut. Summum Convertible, 2 door, automatic, 2009Volvo13
Volvo C70 2.4i Automatic Kinetic xenon 2009Volvo12
Volvo C70 2.4i Momentum AUTOMATIC LEATHER 2006Volvo13
Volvo C70 2.4i Momentum navigation, leather, 18 inch, 2006Volvo8
Volvo C70 2.4i Momentum SHZ PDC LEATHER CLIMATE CONTROL 2006Volvo15
Volvo C70 2.4i Momentum winter ski bag package SEAT HEATING 2010Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4i NAVI LEATHER + AIR + + CAR SEAT HEATER 2007Volvo14
Volvo C70 2.4i Summum CLIMA ABS Xeno PELLE CD 2006Volvo13
Volvo C70 2.4i Summum leather, Navi, Xenon 2006Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4i Summum, leather, navigation., Xenon 2008Volvo7
Volvo C70 2.4i with PRO WARRANTY! 2006Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4T Automatic, Leather, 17 \ 2000Volvo11
Volvo C70 2.4T Black leather beige 1999Volvo12
Volvo C70 2.4T Collection - NAVI 2005Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4T Collection 2004Volvo2
Volvo C70 2.4T Comfort Automatic / leather / New timing belt 2002Volvo5
Volvo C70 2.4T LPG Autom.Collection 1.H.Voll Zahnr.neu 2005Volvo5

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