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Cabrio / roadster Vehicles

Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible (convertible) 1971Triumph5
Triumph Herald 1967Triumph15
Triumph Herald 1969Triumph5
Triumph Herald convertible 13/60 of 1967 4-space 1967Triumph13
Triumph Herald Sports 1965Triumph14
Triumph MK 4 1500\u003e H-approval overdrive Hardtop RHD \u003c 1978Triumph12
Triumph MK IV 1978Triumph5
Triumph MK IV 1979Triumph3
Triumph MK3 1968Triumph5
Triumph MK4 1500 Spitfire 1977Triumph13
Triumph MKIII '68 Rader revisiertes storage engine 1968Triumph7
Triumph More rarely TR of 2 California 1957Triumph8
Triumph Moss Bj.68 Oldtimer Herald 1250 Convertible kitcar 1968Triumph5
Triumph MOSS Moss vitesse MALVERN 1968Triumph12
Triumph Original paint! Collectors condition! Rust accident free! 1977Triumph15
Triumph Other 1948Triumph4
Triumph Other 1949Triumph15
Triumph Other 1954Triumph5
Triumph Other 1974Triumph2
Triumph Other 1976Triumph5
Triumph Other 1978Triumph5
Triumph Other Herald 1200 Convertible 38-KW 1965Triumph8
Triumph overdrive very good condition 1974Triumph7
Triumph PI Overdrive 1973Triumph4
Triumph plaisir de conduire 1959Triumph2
Triumph Red Wine 1500 TC restored overdrive 1980Triumph7
Triumph Restored Spitfire H-plates 1973Triumph9
Triumph Restored Spitfire MK3 original leather 1970Triumph13
Triumph Spitfire 1.3 1967Triumph10
Triumph Spitfire 1.3 1970Triumph9
Triumph Spitfire 1500 hard top OD 1978Triumph8
Triumph Spitfire 1500 LEATHER 1977Triumph9
Triumph Spitfire 1966Triumph4
Triumph Spitfire 1967Triumph8
Triumph Spitfire 1968Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire 1969Triumph8
Triumph Spitfire 1970Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire 1971Triumph2
Triumph Spitfire 1972Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire 1973Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire 1974Triumph4
Triumph Spitfire 1975Triumph6
Triumph Spitfire 1976Triumph9
Triumph Spitfire 1977Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire 1978Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire 1979Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire 1980Triumph4
Triumph Spitfire 1982Triumph7
Triumph Spitfire 4 MK1 1964Triumph9
Triumph Spitfire IV convertible, rok 1974 1974Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire Mark I 4, wire wheels, overdrive 1964Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire Mark III 1967Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire MK 3 1967Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire MK II 1966Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire Mk III 1968Triumph15
Triumph Spitfire MK III 1969Triumph3
Triumph Spitfire MK IV - Classic Car - H-plates 1977Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire MK IV 1971Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire MK1 GT6 MK3 1967Triumph3
Triumph Spitfire MK2 1965Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire MK2 4-ASI 1964Triumph15
Triumph Spitfire MK2 MK 2 classic cars 1963Triumph5
Triumph Spitfire with sports exhaust 1975Triumph15
Triumph Stag \ 1971Triumph6
Triumph STAG MKII 1974Triumph5
Triumph Stag RHD 1972Triumph9
Triumph STAG RHD 1977Triumph15
Triumph Stag RHD, 4 threads + OD, hard and soft top 1976Triumph5
Triumph STAG V8 ... interesting specimen! H-approval! 1972Triumph15
Triumph Stag V8 1973Triumph5
Triumph Stag V8 1975Triumph5
Triumph Stay 1970Triumph5
Triumph Stay 1973Triumph5
Triumph Stay 1976Triumph4
Triumph Swallow Doretti 1955Triumph7
Triumph TR 250 1968Triumph9
Triumph TR 250 H-plates 1969Triumph14
Triumph TR 6 PI LHD Injection 1969Triumph14
Triumph TR2 - Long Door 1954Triumph15
Triumph TR2 1954Triumph5
Triumph TR2 1955Triumph5
Triumph TR250 1967Triumph13
Triumph TR3 1954Triumph5
Triumph TR3 1956Triumph14
Triumph TR3 1957Triumph14
Triumph TR3 1958Triumph12
Triumph TR3 1959Triumph15
Triumph TR3 1960Triumph5
Triumph TR3 1963Triumph15
Triumph TR3 2.0 1961Triumph7
Triumph TR3 A 1959Triumph12
Triumph TR3 A 1961Triumph8
Triumph TR3 complete. excellent / like new 1956Triumph5
Triumph TR3 roadster Bocca Stretta \ 1955Triumph15
Triumph TR3 Small Mouth 1956Triumph15
Triumph TR3 smallmouth 1957Triumph12
Triumph TR3B Matching Numbers 1963Triumph5
Triumph TR4 1961Triumph4
Triumph TR4 1962Triumph5

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