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Cabrio / roadster Vehicles

Lotus Elise LHD / Climate / Touring and Sport package 2010Lotus15
Lotus Elise MK 1 orig. LHD 1999Lotus5
Lotus Elise MK I look Sk 1999Lotus4
Lotus Elise Mk.I with Rotec engine 2000Lotus4
Lotus Elise MK1 1997Lotus15
Lotus Elise MK2 original LHD ** 2 ** Hand 2002Lotus8
Lotus Elise MkII Roadster, air, TOP! 2002Lotus15
Lotus Elise MkII Roadster BARGAIN! TÜV / AU new 2002Lotus14
Lotus Elise Motorsport 190 1999Lotus5
Lotus Elise R * Climate * Exclusive Collection 2007Lotus7
Lotus Elise R330 Komo-Tec 2003Lotus14
Lotus Elise S - SI PERMUTA CURRENCY - 2006Lotus12
Lotus Elise S 136cv 1830 km solo *** *** 2008Lotus10
Lotus Elise S 136cv 2006Lotus11
Lotus Elise S 2008Lotus7
Lotus Elise S ABS AIR only 7500 km!! 2008Lotus14
Lotus Elise S Cabriolet Air * Touring Pack * RHD 2007Lotus8
Lotus Elise S Convertible * Performance Pack * 1 Hand RHD 2010Lotus7
Lotus Elise S Convertible * Sports Tourer * Leather RHD 2002Lotus6
Lotus Elise S Convertible * Touring Pack * Leather RHD 2007Lotus4
Lotus Elise S Convertible * Traction Control * Air RHD 2010Lotus4
Lotus Elise S Convertible Hardtop * Touring Pack * Leather RHD 2010Lotus8
Lotus Elise S Convertible Touring Pack * Climate * Leather RHD 2010Lotus9
Lotus Elise S Convertible Touring Pack * Climate * Leather RHD 2011Lotus9
Lotus Elise S Hardtop, 2010 model year 2009Lotus15
Lotus Elise S1 1.8 16v 120 pk 1997Lotus6
Lotus Elise S1 Mk1 1.8L 1997Lotus15
Lotus Elise S1 TOP condition TÜV / AU new 1999Lotus8
Lotus Elise S2 111R 192HP 2004Lotus15
Lotus Elise S2 111S 160hp MK2 2003Lotus15
Lotus Elise S2 MK2 1.8L 2001Lotus14
Lotus Elise S2 MK2 1.8L 2002Lotus15
Lotus Elise S2 MK2 1.8L Roadster 2001Lotus9
Lotus Elise S2 MK2 1.8L Roadster 2002Lotus15
Lotus Elise S2 MK2 1.8L Roadster 2003Lotus15
Lotus Elise S2 MK2 S tourer 136HP Toyota Motor 2006Lotus15
Lotus Elise S2 Rover \ 2004Lotus5
Lotus Elise S3 Air conditioning, Laser Blue, 2010Lotus15
Lotus Elise SC 111 LHD 2007Lotus15
Lotus Elise SC 2009Lotus15
Lotus Elise Turbo 260HP 330Nm 2003Lotus5
Lotus ELISE TYPE 111 1.6 CLUB RACER MODEL 2012 EURO 5 2011Lotus15
Lotus Elise Type 23 PTP 160 hp upgrade 2003Lotus5
Lotus Elite MK2 LHD 135 Sports 2002Lotus5
Lotus Exige S Club Racer 240 hp air-RHD 2010Lotus9
Lotus Fisher Fisher Furyury IRS V8 1969Lotus5
Lotus HKT-GTS 2002Lotus6
Lotus HKT Seven Plus Replica 1996Lotus13
Lotus Irmscher 7 Super Seven 2005Lotus5
Lotus Jensen Healey 1975Lotus5
Lotus Kia Elan License replica - Winter Price 2000Lotus10
Lotus Leather elise 2000Lotus5
Lotus Locust Seven (RHD) and German TUV papers 1992Lotus15
Lotus Locust Super 7 (RHD) German TUV and papers 1992Lotus15
Lotus LOTUS Elise 1.6 COPENHAGEN 2011Lotus5
Lotus MkI Elise hard top top condition! 1998Lotus12
Lotus MkI Elise hardtop TOP! 1998Lotus15
Lotus MY CLUB RACER 2011 2011Lotus11
Lotus Other 1972Lotus5
Lotus Other 2008Lotus4
Lotus Other 2012Lotus5
Lotus RCB 2.Hand CLEAN + CARE 1996Lotus12
Lotus Replica Lotusa 7 2008Lotus3
Lotus RHD Elise MK1 2000Lotus5
Lotus Robin Hood III 1986Lotus13
Lotus Robin Hood S7 Convertible 3.0L V6 Super Seven 1995Lotus15
Lotus Robin Hood Super Seven 1.6L Convertible 1993Lotus15
Lotus Robin Hood Super Seven 7 Convertible 2.0L 1977Lotus15
Lotus Robin Hood Super Seven Roadster Convertible 2.0L 1985Lotus13
Lotus Robin Hood Super Seven S7 2.0L 2.0L 1989Lotus15
Lotus S H-7 with registration! 1977Lotus5
Lotus S1 Elise MK1 1998Lotus15
Lotus S1 Elise MK1 1999Lotus13
Lotus S7 * 2.5 Turbo with catalyst 1971Lotus15
Lotus Seven S2 Twin Cam original collector's item 1965Lotus12
Lotus Seven super-original Ford UK-letter box 1969Lotus5
Lotus Single piece 60 HP Beetle technology 1983Lotus15
Lotus SUPER 7 S2 1960Lotus11
Lotus Super Seven 1962Lotus14
Lotus Super Seven 1967Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1979Lotus13
Lotus Super Seven 1982Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1983Lotus3
Lotus Super Seven 1984Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1985Lotus3
Lotus Super Seven 1986Lotus3
Lotus Super Seven 1989Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1990Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1991Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1992Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1995Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 1997Lotus2
Lotus Super Seven 1999Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven 2010Lotus5
Lotus Super Seven Dax Rush 1.6L Super7 1981Lotus15
Lotus Super Seven Dax Rush 2.0L Super7 1997Lotus15
Lotus Super Seven Dutton Melos 1987Lotus15

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