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Cabrio / roadster Vehicles

Lincoln Open Tourer seven passengers 1927Lincoln8
Lincoln V12 Convertible 1948Lincoln8
Lotus * Type 49 Elise Convertible Limited Edition * Leather RHD 2003Lotus9
Lotus 2-Eleven 1956Lotus10
Lotus 2-ELEVEN GT4 2006Lotus3
Lotus 2-ELEVEN omologata STRADALE 2011Lotus4
Lotus 23 B 1963Lotus5
Lotus 3.5L V8 Super Seven Evolution 350 VERY FAST! 1983Lotus15
Lotus 340 R 2001Lotus15
Lotus 8.1 Elise R 2007Lotus3
Lotus Caterham De Dion 1990Lotus5
Lotus Caterham Super Seven 2002Lotus5
Lotus Caterham Super Seven H-plates 1977Lotus5
Lotus Caterham Super Seven RHD 1983Lotus6
Lotus CLUB RACER MY2011 NUOVA 2011Lotus4
Lotus Convertible Elan +2 S 130/5 Roadster 1972Lotus15
Lotus cosworth turbo 1992Lotus5
Lotus CR left-hand air conditioning 2010Lotus5
Lotus Dax Rush 2.0L Super Seven 1982Lotus15
Lotus Dax Rush 5.7L Chevy V8 Super 7 1998Lotus15
Lotus DAX RUSH Cosworth 2.0 16V TURBO 2003Lotus10
Lotus Dax Rush Cosworth Super Seven 2.0L TURBO 260BHP 1998Lotus14
Lotus Donkervoort D10 1990Lotus6
Lotus Donkervoort D8-180 2001Lotus2
Lotus Donkervoort D8 210 2003Lotus11
Lotus Donkervoort D8 210 Wide Track 2004Lotus10
Lotus Donkervoort D8 270 Audi 2004Lotus8
Lotus Donkervoort D8 270RS 2006Lotus15
Lotus Donkervoort D8 4.2 OTHER CUP UITGEVOERD MRB 1986Lotus5
Lotus Donkervoort D8 Audi 2002Lotus13
Lotus Donkervoort D8 Cosworth 1998Lotus5
Lotus Donkervoort D8 ORGN DTM BMW engine! 2001Lotus14
Lotus Donkervoort S8 1984Lotus4
Lotus Donkervoort S8A 1990Lotus7
Lotus Donkervoort S8AT 1992Lotus6
Lotus Elan 1.6i 16V Turbo SE - ASI iscritta 1991Lotus10
Lotus Elan 1.6i 16V Turbo SE - ASI iscritto 1991Lotus10
Lotus Elan 1989Lotus3
Lotus Elan 1992Lotus3
Lotus Elan 2000Lotus5
Lotus Elan Convertible Fully equipped 45 000 KM 1993Lotus3
Lotus Elan S1 1964Lotus9
Lotus Elan S2 1991Lotus15
Lotus Elan S2 Limited Edition 1995Lotus7
Lotus Elan S3 1967Lotus5
Lotus Elan S4 Convertible RHD 1969Lotus13
Lotus Elan S4 Sprint 1971Lotus2
Lotus Elan Sprint Roadster 1971Lotus14
Lotus Elan Turbo 1991Lotus5
Lotus Elise \ 2010Lotus5
Lotus Elise 1.8 16v 120PK 1999Lotus10
Lotus Elise 1.8 16V 120PK 2000Lotus6
Lotus Elise 1.8 S 2008Lotus3
Lotus Elise 1.8i 16V Sport Tourer 2002Lotus9
Lotus Elise 111 2003Lotus11
Lotus Elise 111 LHD! Brakes & Tyres new 2000Lotus15
Lotus Elise 111 R 2004Lotus2
Lotus Elise 111 R Bemani COMPRESSOR 2007Lotus10
Lotus Elise 111 R Orig LHD 2008Lotus3
Lotus Elise 111 R TOP CONDITION 2006Lotus15
Lotus Elise 111 R tourer 192HP 2007Lotus15
Lotus Elise 111 S - Tallinn 2011Lotus3
Lotus Elise 111 S 2002Lotus9
Lotus Elise 111 S 2003Lotus12
Lotus Elise 111 S 2004Lotus12
Lotus Elise 111 S 2006Lotus5
Lotus Elise 111 S 2008Lotus5
Lotus Elise 111 S 2009Lotus3
Lotus Elise 111 S race car FIA / DMSB € 25,000 1999Lotus14
Lotus Elise 111R 1.Hd checkbook 192HP 2004Lotus15
Lotus Elise 111R 2006Lotus6
Lotus Elise 111R Convertible Hardtop * climate * Leather RHD 2007Lotus8
Lotus Elise 111S MkII 160hp hardtop sports exhaust TOP 2003Lotus15
Lotus Elise 111S MkII facelift hardtop mint condition 2004Lotus6
Lotus Elise 111S ORG NL 50DKM HIST CO 2004Lotus3
Lotus Elise 135 R 2003Lotus10
Lotus Elise 135R Sports Special Edition 2003Lotus15
Lotus Elise 1998Lotus5
Lotus Elise 1999Lotus5
Lotus Elise 1A-state 1998Lotus4
Lotus Elise 2001Lotus5
Lotus Elise 2002Lotus15
Lotus Elise 2003Lotus5
Lotus ELISE 2005Lotus5
Lotus Elise 340R ** EXCELLENT CONDITION ** 2000Lotus12
Lotus Elise 8.1 2012Lotus3
Lotus Elise 8.1 Convertible 1997Lotus6
Lotus Elise Club Racer * Comfort Package * 2007Lotus15
Lotus Elise Club Racer * Matte Black * 2012Lotus8
Lotus Elise Club Racer 1.6 136 CV. 2012Lotus9
Lotus Elise Club Racer 2011Lotus11
Lotus Elise Club Racer 6.1 2012Lotus3
Lotus Elise CR * reason * to match the passion 2011Lotus15
Lotus Elise Elise 2003Lotus6
Lotus Elise JPS LIMITED EDITION # 02 from 377,-Euro * 2012Lotus15
Lotus Elise JPS LIMITED EDITION # 03-from 377,-Euro * 2012Lotus15
Lotus Elise JPS LIMITED EDITION # 05-from 377, - Euro * 2012Lotus15
Lotus Elise just for lefties! 2000Lotus3
Lotus Elise KM specification 2003Lotus3

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