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Cabrio / roadster Vehicles

Corvette c2 cabriolet 1965Corvette8
Corvette C2 Cabriolet 365hp Matching numbers! 1965Corvette15
Corvette C2 Convertible, GREAT CONDI & REALLY GREAT PRICE! 1963Corvette15
Corvette C2 Convertible LS3 engine 383cui. 450 HP * Model Resto * 2012Corvette15
Corvette C2 Convertible, REALLY GOOD CONDI & GREAT PRICE! 1964Corvette15
Corvette C2 Roadster 1963Corvette15
Corvette C2 Sting Ray, factory side pipes + Florida Villa 1967Corvette15
Corvette C2 Sting Ray, switches, H-plates 1963Corvette15
Corvette C2 Stingray 1963Corvette3
Corvette C2 Stingray 427 small-block V8 1966Corvette14
Corvette C2 Stingray Convertible 1963Corvette13
Corvette C2 Stingray Convertible 327ci V8. with hardtop 2012Corvette15
Corvette C2 (U.S. price) 1967Corvette12
Corvette C3 1968Corvette5
Corvette C3 1969Corvette5
Corvette C3 1970Corvette5
Corvette C3 1971Corvette5
Corvette C3 1975Corvette4
Corvette C3 1982Corvette5
Corvette C3 1988Corvette5
Corvette C3 427 big block chrome Convertible Model Year 1968 1968Corvette8
Corvette C3 427 Convertible chrome bumper with H-approval! 1968Corvette15
Corvette C3 aut Targa, Euro-design 1979Corvette5
Corvette C3 Convertible 1968Corvette5
Corvette C3 Convertible 1973Corvette15
Corvette C3 Convertible 1975Corvette15
Corvette C3 CONVERTIBLE BIG BLOCK 7.4 \ 1972Corvette15
Corvette C3 convertible chrome bumper collectible + H-plates 1971Corvette15
Corvette C3 Convertible, GREAT CONDI & REALLY GREAT PRICE! 1969Corvette15
Corvette C3 coupe 427cui.V8 L68 engine * 400HP * 2012Corvette11
Corvette C3 glass Targa 1980Corvette15
Corvette C3, steep rear with TÜV approval and H 1976Corvette5
Corvette C3 STING RAY 1977Corvette4
Corvette C3 Stingray 1972Corvette10
Corvette C3 Stingray 1974Corvette9
Corvette C3 stingray chevrolet 1982Corvette7
Corvette C3 Stingray T-Top 5.7L V8 (350cui.) frame-off 2012Corvette15
Corvette C3 Stingray Targa very neat chrome bumper 1969Corvette11
Corvette C3 T-Top 1976Corvette10
Corvette C3 T-top 1977Corvette15
Corvette C3 (U.S. price) 1973Corvette14
Corvette C4 *** *** 5.7 liter V8 convertible **** **** 1.Hand leather 1991Corvette15
Corvette C4 1989Corvette3
Corvette C4 1993Corvette7
Corvette C4 5.7 V8 Targa TÜV / Au 05-2012 1993Corvette15
Corvette C4 5.7L 4 +3 transmission Official Pace Car 1986Corvette15
Corvette C4 7.5 i 1990Corvette9
Corvette C4 Automatic 145000 km 1988Corvette5
Corvette C4 Automatic 7.5 Targa 1985Corvette13
Corvette C4 Automatic Convertible LT 1 GM replacement engine 1995Corvette15
Corvette C4 Cabrio NUR40.000Km * UNIQUE COLOUR COMBINATION 1991Corvette7
Corvette C4 Cabriolet + MOT: 2013 + original 49.2 thousand miles 1987Corvette15
Corvette C4 Convertibile 1991Corvette15
Corvette C4 Convertible 1987Corvette10
Corvette C4 Convertible 1989Corvette10
Corvette C4 Convertible 5.7 V8 19-inch aluminum, air conditioning, sound system 1989Corvette11
Corvette C4 Convertible 5.7 V8 TOP CONDITION! 1989Corvette14
Corvette C4 Convertible Automatic 1990Corvette12
Corvette C4 convertible hardtop euro2 1987Corvette15
Corvette C4 Convertible with hardtop 1990Corvette5
Corvette C4 F40 GTO CONVERTIBLE ASI 1988Corvette2
Corvette C4 full Cabriolet - black - EURO 2 green sticker 1990Corvette5
Corvette C4 hatchback 6gang 1991Corvette4
Corvette C4 in fantastic condition, great color combination 1988Corvette11
Corvette C4 manual rare! 1989Corvette5
Corvette C4 switch 1989Corvette5
Corvette C4 T-Top PANORAMA, WHITE Black leather 1991Corvette15
Corvette C4 Targa Convertible 5.7 V8 1987Corvette5
Corvette C5 1998Corvette5
Corvette C5 2000Corvette5
Corvette C5 2001Corvette8
Corvette C5 2003 50th GERMAN! Top condition! 86000Km! COC 2003Corvette10
Corvette C5 2004Corvette5
Corvette C5 2005Corvette5
Corvette C5 2012Corvette4
Corvette C5 C6 convertible with rims 1998Corvette15
Corvette C5 CABRIO SWITCH (VERY NICE) 2001Corvette5
Corvette C5 Convertible - dream state - Manual 1999Corvette15
Corvette C5 Convertible 1999Corvette9
Corvette C5 Convertible 1H.nur 34TKM, Like new, 24 Mo.Garantie! 2002Corvette15
Corvette C5 Convertible 2001Corvette9
Corvette C5 Convertible 2004Corvette3
Corvette C5 Convertible 5.7 ltr. V8, Model 2001 2000Corvette10
Corvette C5 Convertible 5.7l 6-speed air-leather head-up displ 2002Corvette15
Corvette C5 CONVERTIBLE AUTO. low mileage 2002Corvette11
Corvette C5 Convertible Automatic 18tkm * including VAT * 2006Corvette15
Corvette C5 convertible, leather, automatic head-up display, 2002Corvette11
Corvette C5 convertible model * Europe * 35078KM 2002Corvette11
Corvette C5 on behalf of customers 2002Corvette10
Corvette C5 Targa - Florida dream in the best condition 2000Corvette15
Corvette C5 Targa - Florida dream in top shape 2000Corvette15
Corvette C5 TOP ALTERNATIVE new condition with ONLY 35000KM! 2003Corvette15
Corvette C5 & Tüv Berfng. & LEATHER NEW + Z51! € 16800Netto * COC 1999Corvette14
Corvette C5 Z06 650 HP nitro system! 2002Corvette5
Corvette C5Cabrio Berfng. & Comp. NEW + Z51! € 16800Net. COC 1999Corvette15
Corvette C6 - Convertible - Automatic - Xenon 2005Corvette3
Corvette C6 * LPG * Fully equipped 4-pipe * Keyless 2005Corvette15
Corvette C6 2010 C6 Grand Sport Convertible 4LT 2010Corvette10
Corvette C6 6.2 ZHZ Edition Convertible aut 2009Corvette9

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