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Cabrio / roadster Vehicles

Austin Healey HMC Mk IV 4.0 L V8 1996Austin Healey8
Austin Healey HMC MK IV Lightweight 1997Austin Healey10
Austin Healey HMC MK IV Silverstone 1999Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Jensen Healey 1974 2 ltr 152 ps 1974Austin Healey7
Austin Healey Mark 3000 1967Austin Healey9
Austin Healey Midget Mk III Roadster 1976Austin Healey15
Austin Healey MK 1 1960Austin Healey5
Austin Healey MK 1 BN 7 1959Austin Healey12
Austin Healey MK 1 Frog 1959Austin Healey5
Austin Healey MK 1 Frog Eye 1960Austin Healey8
Austin Healey Mk 2 1963Austin Healey4
Austin Healey MK 2 BJ7 1963Austin Healey5
Austin Healey MK I BN 7 1959Austin Healey12
Austin Healey MK II 1962Austin Healey5
Austin Healey MK III 1966Austin Healey5
Austin Healey MK III 1967Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Mk III Ph.1 1964Austin Healey9
Austin Healey MK III Phase 2 1965Austin Healey5
Austin Healey MK III phase 2 1966Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Mk III Phase 2 1967Austin Healey15
Austin Healey MK IV * HMC * Lightweight * LIKE NEW * BRD * 1997Austin Healey13
Austin Healey MK IV RIGHT HAND 1970Austin Healey8
Austin Healey MK1 BT7 1961Austin Healey5
Austin Healey MK111 3000 BJ8 1964Austin Healey15
Austin Healey MkII, BJ7, MATCHING # s, PERFECT CONDI & GREAT PRICE! 1963Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Other 1952Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 1956Austin Healey4
Austin Healey Other 1957Austin Healey8
Austin Healey Other 1959Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 1960Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 1961Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 1962Austin Healey4
Austin Healey Other 1964Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 1965Austin Healey2
Austin Healey Other 1967Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 1969Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 1995Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Other 2000Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Other SPRITE 1959Austin Healey8
Austin Healey Perfectly restored BN1 1954Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Phase 2 BJ8 1966Austin Healey5
Austin Healey replica 3000 2001Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Replica HD-100 Haldane (GB) 1989Austin Healey14
Austin Healey Sebring LHD 5.0! Hardtop! 1990Austin Healey4
Austin Healey Sebring MX 1990Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Sprite 1958Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Sprite 1959Austin Healey4
Austin Healey Sprite 1960Austin Healey14
Austin Healey Sprite 1961Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Sprite 1964Austin Healey3
Austin Healey Sprite 1966Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Sprite 1971Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Sprite Frogeye 1960Austin Healey13
Austin Healey Sprite Mark I ZFroschaugeZ 1959Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Sprite MK I 1959Austin Healey5
Austin Healey SPRITE Mk I Frog - Frogeye 1959Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Sprite MK II 1967Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Sprite MK II 948ccm 1962Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Sprite MK III 1964Austin Healey5
Austin Healey Sprite MK IV - rare LHD, TÜV again! 1968Austin Healey4
Austin Healey Sprite MK2 1964Austin Healey15
Austin Healey Sprite MKI Frogeye 1960Austin Healey6
Austin Healey Sprite MKI Frogeye 1961Austin Healey9
Austin Healey Sprite replica Banham 1985Austin Healey5
Bentley 4 1/4 Litre Cabriolet fully restored immaculate 1937Bentley15
Bentley 4 1/4 Litre Drophead Coupe V.den Plas 1937Bentley9
Bentley 4 1/4 Vanden Plas Drophead Coupe 1938Bentley12
Bentley Azure 1995Bentley10
Bentley Azure 1996Bentley14
Bentley Azure 1997Bentley9
Bentley Azure 1999Bentley6
Bentley Azure 2000Bentley5
Bentley Azure 2001Bentley7
Bentley AZURE 2002Bentley5
Bentley Azure 2006Bentley9
Bentley Azure 2008Bentley15
Bentley Azure 2009Bentley6
Bentley Azure 6.7 V8 1998Bentley10
Bentley Azure_8.000 KM_WIE NEU_TOP 2007Bentley14
Bentley Azure Azure 1998Bentley8
Bentley Azure Convertible 2006Bentley15
Bentley Azure Convertible 6.8 V8 2006Bentley13
Bentley Azure Convertible in excellent condition in collectors hands 2008Bentley14
Bentley Azure Convertible in white fine! 1999Bentley11
Bentley Azure convertible (leather xenon Park Tronic automatic) 2008Bentley15
Bentley Azure guida a vein 1998Bentley8
Bentley Azure II V8 6.7 2007Bentley7
Bentley Azure is not a U.S. / Top maintained / storage 2007Bentley14
Bentley Azure Model 2001 2001Bentley9
Bentley Azure reversing camera / chrome wheels / TOP 2007Bentley9
Bentley Azure T | SINGLE PIECE | VOLLAUSSTATTUNG 2011Bentley14
Bentley Continental - Two owners from new 1990Bentley15
Bentley Continental 1993Bentley10
Bentley CONTINENTAL 2007Bentley5
Bentley Continental 6.0 GTC 2007Bentley12
Bentley Continental Convertible 1991Bentley11
Bentley Continental Convertible 1994Bentley9
Bentley Continental drophead coupe MPW 1994Bentley15

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